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Vortex Mixer, the IKA VXR Basic Vibrax Small Shaker


The VXR Basic Vibrax small shaker is an opto-electronically controlled small shaker with a very wide speed range.
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • New design and improved drive system
  • Circular shaking motions
  • Slow speeds are well maintained and fully variable at entire range
  • Attachments are interchangeable
  • Ideal for use in refrigerated chambers or incubators
Specifications (Click here):  Vortex Mixer, the IKA VXR Basic Vibrax Small Shaker

NumberDescriptionPrice $
2819001 IKA VXR-Basic Vibrax Mixer/Vortexer. See selection of platforms below. 1,590.00
0568900 VX2 Platform, test tube attachment for up to 36 test tubes or centrifuge tubes with a diameter of 16 mm.
0953300 VX7 Platform Dish Type attachment for Blotting, careful mixing of culture bottles, Petri dishes.
0607200 VX1 One hand attachment, for shaking single non-fixed vessels of 1 to 250 ml.
3627700 VX11 Basic Holder, attachment for tube Inserts
1618100 VX2E attachment for intensive mixing of up to 64 1.5 ml Eppendorf tubes.
0910400 VX 8 universal attachment for rapid and secure clamping of 2 Erlenmeyer flasks up to 500 ml.
3659000 VX 11.1 Insert attachment for Eppendorf tubes or test tubes, 70 holes of 10 mm diameter.
3659100 VX 11.2 Insert attachment for test tubes, 41 holes of 12 mm diameter.
3659200 VX 11.3 Insert attachment for test tubes, 32 holes of 16 mm diameter.
3659300 VX 11.4 Insert attachment for test tubes, 18 holes of 20 mm diameter.