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Vacuum Pumps, the BTpro Botanical Series Chemical Duty Diaphragm


The BTpro40, BTpro70, BTpro100 and BTpro170 Botanical Series Chemical Duty Diaphragm vacuum pumps are designed and built for optimum performance in the cannabis field. The BTpro Series has a flow and vacuum level to provide fast performance needed for the size of a rotary evaporator, glass reactor, purge oven or winterization filtration apparatus.

These are chemical duty, oil-free, PTFE diaphragm pumps. The pumping action and deep vacuum come from the movements of PTFE diaphragms within the PTFE heads. All wetted services in the flow path are made of fluoro-plastic making the BTpro pumps highly chemically resistant. As a result, the BTpro vacuum pump series is near zero maintenance. A cold trap placed in-line with BTpro pump is needed if terpenes are part of the flow path.

The BTpro40 and BTpro70 models employ patented valve and diaphragm technology that generates a deep 15 torr vacuum pressure with each PTFE head. In addition, both pump models have built-in tunable vacuum to control evaporation rates. The tunable vacuum adjustment can also be used to stop accidental bumping and foaming.

A chemically resistant, manual vacuum regulator with stainless steel dial gauge is available for the BTpro100.

Features of the BTPro Botanical Vacuum PumpSeries:
  • High Flow for faster processing
  • Deep vacuum for higher purity
  • Chemically resistant for long service interval
  • Oil-free for low maintenance

Specifications (Click here):  Vacuum Pumps, the BTpro Botanical Series Chemical Duty Diaphragm

NumberDescriptionPrice $
7010-01 BTpro 40 Botanical Series Vacuum Pump
7020-01 BTpro 70 Botanical Series Vacuum Pump
7030-01 BTpro 100 Botanical Series Vacuum Pump
7040-01 BTpro 170 Botanical Series Vacuum Pump
190-331035-05 Vacuum hose, 3/8” ID, gum rubber, 5 foot length
700458 Chemically resistant vacuum regulator with stainless steel dial vacuum gauge, mountable horizontally or vertically