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Thar Instruments SFE and SFC Special Clearance Sale of Spare Parts


Thar Technology and Thar Instruments SFE (Supercritical Fluid Extraction) and SFC (Supercritical Fluid Chromatography) equipment need parts and consumables. Stock up at attractive prices!

Features of the Thar SFE and Thar SFC Spare Parts Clearance Sale:
  • Attractive clearance prices
  • Quantities limited to the number in stock
  • Catalog number is that of Thar Instruments
  • Price is per unit

NumberDescriptionPrice $
01032 Seal, Pump P200 Back-up Seal, PEEK, IN STOCK: 815.28
01033 Seal, P200 Pump Seal, Graphite-Teflon, IN STOCK: 949.73
01057 Rupture Disc, 10 K PSI, P200, 724 F, ¼” Standard, IN STOCK: 6149.50
01076 Seal 200-600mL, all vessels with I.D of 2.13”, IN STOCK: 670.59
01377 Check Valve 3/8 Diameter for P50 and P200, IN STOCK: 4875.92
01792 Fitting, 1/8 Comp Glnd Nut H, IN STOCK: 139.25
01793 Fitting, 1/8 Comp Ferrule H, IN STOCK: 125.15
03145 Rupture Disc, 6000 PSI, 1/2" for 03859 Assy, IN STOCK: 2188.15
03548 P50 Back-up Seal, Peek, IN STOCK: 1823.50
03929 O-Ring, #212 Teflon Encapsulated Silicone, 7/8” Sapphire Window, IN STOCK: 523.50
05295 P-50 Pump Seal, Graphite-Teflon, IN STOCK: 1652.90
05467 Micro-metering Valve, 15KPSI, IN STOCK: 11,290.40
05510 1/4" MNPT 1/8" Comp. Elbow Fitting, IN STOCK: 821.75
06982 Needle Drive Belt, IN STOCK: 186.50