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Shaking Incubators, INFORS Multitron Pro Stacking


The Infors-HT Multitron Pro has every advantage for high throughput laboratories and for institutions with limited space. These stackable shaking incubators allow for as many as three units to be stacked vertically in a manner that is still accessible to all laboratory staff.

The ingenious design of the Infors shakers features a front-loading pullout platform, stainless steel interior panels, panoramic front window and inspection light. The patented drive system provides uniform motion and quiet operation without vibration. The sealed cabinet ensures fast and accurate heating. Refrigeration, humidity and CO2 control are available, as well as a variety of lighting options.

All cabinets incorporate an independent control and power system, with redundant control of speed, temperature, lights, humidity and CO2. This new feature allows existing cabinets to be easily upgraded to a stacked system that saves valuable floor space.

The Infors-HT Multitron Pro shaking incubators are designed and built to superb standards to perform reliably for long periods with continuous use. They are commonly used for the culture of bacteria, fungi, yeast and photosynthetic active organisms, and can serve in a long list of applications including parallel cultivation, screening, protein expression, media development, scale up, process development and optimization, biofuels and mini or maxi preps in molecular biology.

The proven triple eccentric drive system insures quiet and maintenance free operation. The Infors Sticky-Mat enables the Universal Platform to be used with various flask sizes without the need of flask clamps, saving money and valuable time. In addition to the large traditional universal platform with screw holes for flask and test tube racks, there is also a platform for micro-titer and deep well plates.

The Multitron Pro can be fitted with a host of options tailered to applications, such as CO2, lighting for photosynthesis or phototropic organism, humidity control, refrigeration, higher temperature and many other options. ShakerBag disposable bag and gassing options available.

Please call Rose Scientific for any special requirement and we would be happy to customize a system for you.

Features of the Multitron Pro:
  • Single, Double or Triple Stacked Units are available
  • Door opens flat down allowing all units to be accessible simultaneously
  • Triple eccentric drive system for reliable and quiet operation
  • Digital display of Shaking Speed and Time
  • Programmable individually or from a Master unit
  • Large universal platform 850 mm × 470 mm
  • Rinse down is possible in case of spill
  • The Multitron can be custom configured with many options
  • Refrigerated units are available with Side Cooling or Top Cooling
  • A high temperature model is also available for thermophiles
  • Variable speed of up to 400 rpm
  • Numerous safety features
Specifications (Click here):  Shaking Incubators, INFORS Multitron Pro Stacking

NumberDescriptionPrice $
MULTITRON-P Multitron Pro Shaking Incubator, custom assembled Inquire
31288 ATM Universal Platform for use with Flask Clamps, 850 mm × 470 mm
31289 ATM Universal Platform with INFORS Sticky Stuff adhesive mat, Large 850 mm × 470 mm 2,495.00
63240 INFORS Sticky Stuff, 20 cm × 20 cm. Single Sheet adhesive sticky mat, 8 required to cover Universal Platform ATM
OPTIONS Please contact us for details on side cooling units, 50 mm Orbit Units, or units with options such as CO2, Humidity, Lighting, and a wide variety of other choices Inquire
IN-TRAYS Fixed clamp trays, trays with holders for microtiter plates and trays with roller clamps are available Inquire
31274 Steel Flask Clamp, 25 mL, ATM platform holds 197
31279 Steel Flask Clamp, 50 mL, ATM platform holds 131 33.00
31271 Steel Flask Clamp, 100 mL, ATM platform holds 87 38.00
31275 Steel Flask Clamp, 250 mL, ATM platform holds 48 48.00
31280 Steel Flask Clamp, 500 mL, ATM platform holds 31 56.00
31272 Steel Flask Clamp, 1000 mL, ATM platform holds 19 79.00
31273 Steel Flask Clamp, 2000 mL, ATM platform holds 13 91.00
31277 Steel Flask Clamp, 3000 mL, ATM platform holds 9 101.00
31278 Steel Flask Clamp, 4000 mL, ATM platform holds 8 111.00
31281 Steel Flask Clamp, 5000 mL, ATM platform holds 6 131.00
IN-EVAP Anti-evaporation box holds 18 microtiter or 12 deep well plates, the Minitron takes one, can provide sterile environment, reduces evaporation losses
IN-TUBE Various test tube racks, punched gaskets of foam rubber, tubes are held vertically or at an adjustable angle, designed for incubation of cultures in test tubes or Falcon tubes, can be used on universal screw down tables or Sticky Stuff tables
SHELF Shelf for static incubating Inquire
BIO-SHAKERWEB ShakerWeb web application for remote display of data and trends as well as remote control of Multitron incubation shakers, all that is needed is a hardware converter and Ethernet cable to connect the Multitron to an in house network Inquire
SHAKERBAG ShakerBag option for the Multitron Cell or Multitron Pro, facilitates the cultivation of mammalian, insect or plant cells in disposable bags, gassing packages available, special trays