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Rose Brand Deep-well Plates, Round 1 mL V-Bottom 96-Wells


The high-form polypropylene 96 well plates expand the flexibility of multichannel or automated pipetting systems. Use for non-binding protein assays, enzyme or receptor assays, or with cell harvesters. Material isUSP VI Polypropylen. Plates are Sterile, RNase/DNase and Pyrogen Free and are sold in a box of 50 or 5 boxes of 10.

Product Features of the Rose Brand Deep-well plates:
  • High chemical stability
  • Temperature range: -80°C to 120°C
  • Autoclavable
  • Centrifugal strength up to 3000g
  • Compatible with multi-channel pipette and automatic equipment
  • Optimized bottom design to minimize residual volume
  • Clear alphanumeric codes for easy identification
  • Conform to SBS/ ANSI
  • Specific 96 well deep plate used in nucleic acid extraction
  • Stackable, reliable tight sealing
  • Non-pryogenic, DNase/RNase free
  • Both E-beam sterilized and non-sterilized deep well plates are available

NumberDescriptionPrice $
ZSK012-V-CS 1 mL 96-Round Wells V-Bottom Plate, Sterile, case of 50 (5 boxes of 10) 285.00
ZSK012-V-PK 1 mL 96-Round Wells V-Bottom Plate. Sterile. Box of 10 (2x5) 71.45