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Pipettes, Socorex Acura Manual Dilution 1:10 Model 819, Precalibrated Settings


The Socorex Acura 1:10 Model 810 Dilution Pipette is an air displacement pipette with two pre-calibrated volume steps, allowing sequential pipetting of 1 and 0.1 ml of the same liquid.

Metal nozzle is designed to use polypropylene straw tips in place of regular pipet tips, to aspirate from narrow or deep reservoirs such as Stomacher® bags.

The Acura Model 810 Dilution Pipette is an ideal alternative to graduated glass pipettes when performing serial 1:10 dilutions in bacteriology.

Features of the Acura 810 Dilution Pipette:
  • Two pre-calibrated fixed volumes – no setting required
  • Smooth activation, excellent ergonomics
  • Interchangeable PE nozzle protection filter
  • Justip™ system for height adjustment of tip ejector
  • Independent calibration for each volume
  • Easy maintenance, cleaning and disinfection
  • Autoclavable at 121 ºC, fully assembled

How the Model 810 Dilution Pipette Works:
Step 1)
Depress plunger button in full, then release slowly to aspirate 1.1 ml.

Step 2) Depress plunger button to first stop thus dispensing 1 ml in petri dish.

Step 3)
Depress plunger button to second stop thus dispensing residual 0.1 ml in the next petri dish.

The JustipTM ejection system allows instant height adjustment (± 2 mm) of ejector for best fitting of straw used (optimal distance).

Set correct position (~0.5 mm space between tip and ejector) by rotating ejector screw (< LO – HI >). Click stops prevent any unwanted change while pipetting.

Specifications (Click here):  Pipettes, Socorex Acura Manual Dilution 1:10 Model 819, Precalibrated Settings

NumberDescriptionPrice $
810.1100 Acura 810 Manual Dilution Pipette
313.1119.40 Qualitips® straw tips, polypropylene, sterilized (L:190 mm, Ø: 4 mm, 1.1 mL) are designed to reach deep into narrrow vials and Stomacher bags, pkg/40 ×25
313.2224.40 Qualitips® straw tips, polypropylene, sterilized (L:240 mm, Ø: 4 mm, 2.2 mL), pkg/40 ×25
322.810 Nozzle protection filters for Acura 810 for added protection against liquid fill and contamination, PE material, not autoclavable, pkg/100
320.340 Multi and single channel versatile Work Station 340 for 3 pipettes, fits all Calibra and Acura pipettes, made of light grey polyamide, stable and easy to clean.
320.332 Shelf Pipette Holder 332, fits two micro, macro or multichannel Acura and Calibra pipettes. Self-adhesive strip supplied, made of blue polycarbonate. Pkg/1