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Moisture Analyzers and Balances, the Professional PM.3Y Series


The PM.3Y Series is made up of professional level Moisture Balances or Moisture Analyzers that meet almost every requirement where moisture content determination is needed. These European manufactured balances are attractively priced, have a modern design and they offer users many advanced features, such as GLP compliance.

The standard type of heating is IR for a maximum heating temperature of 160 ºC. Options of either Halogen, for temperatures up to 260 ºC or Metal Heater are available. These moisture analyzers are offered with a choice of 0.001 mg or 0.0001 mg readability.

All balances are equipped with 2 USB 2.0. 4IN, 4OUT interfaces, 1 RS-232 Interface and Ethernet. Externally calibrated.

The PM.3Y features extended databases containing programmable drying modes related to the database of samples. The PM 3Y series enables printing and exporting charts presented on its display to a BMP file. Customization of instrument’s settings is possible with extended user profiles. The balance level is monitored by a patented LevelSENSING system that uses an electronic level system. Standard and user defined printouts allow for maintaining documentation complying with GLP/GMP requirements in practically in any organization.

Features of the PM.3Y Series Moisture Analyzers:
  • Precision measurement with high performance and productivity
  • Mass Measurement Accuracy and Drying Temperature Optimization, Numerous drying profiles.
  • Graphic presentation of drying result with charts - %M,%D, %R
  • Database of drying procedures - 1000 records for each type
  • Ease of Use and Maximum Comfort of Operation with intuitive menu layout and 5.7” LCD touch screen
  • Drying Result Prognosis – Drying Forecast allows shortening duration of moisture content analysis
  • Drying Chamber Auto-Control – Automatic opening and closing of the chamber’s lid enables handy control either by means of proximity sensors or on-screen button
  • Touch-Free Operation – Two programmable proximity sensors can be assigned with any functions or application, and both can be subsequently run and operated touch-free
  • Database As Drying Process Support – Possibility to record sample-related information and drying parameters in the database improves managing of measurement processes
  • Equipped with WiFi communication interface

Specifications (Click here):  Moisture Analyzers and Balances, the Professional PM.3Y Series

NumberDescriptionPrice $
PM 60.3Y PM 60.3Y Moisture Balance, 60 Grams, 0.1 mg Readability, External Calibration
PM 200.3Y PM 200.3Y Moisture Balance, 200 Grams, 1 mg Readability, External Calibration
Disp-Pan-MB Disposable pans for moisture balances, compatible with PM.X2.A, PM.R and PM.3Y moisture balance, set of 50
SET-DWVP Kit for rapid water vapor permeability determination on various materials such as fabrics, knitted fabrics or leather, reducing time from days to less than one hour, compatible with PM.X2.A and PM.3Y moisture balances
CTMB GT105K GT105K Control Thermometer Set enables measurement of drying temperature with a probe installed on a cable, waterproof housing, powered by three 1.5V batteries, calibration certificate available option, compatible with PM.X2.A, PM.R and PM.3Y moisture balances
GT105K-12.Z Calibration Certificate 260.40
Halo-Option Upgrade from IR Heating to Halogen, for temperatures up to 260ºC 339.90
E2R-Moisture Comprehensive management software, the E2R Moisture Analyzer Module allows for remote control and monitoring for weighing performed on multiple RADWAG moisture balances