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Kjeldahl Steam Distillation, Pro-Nitro M


Similar to the Tecator Kjeltec 2100, Pro-Nitro M is used for determination of organic nitrogen (Kjeldahl Method). Pro-Nitro M offers automatic NaOH Dosage and Temporize Stop. An ideal unit for small labs, teaching institutions, technical institutes or agriculture schools.

Features of the Pro-Nitro M Kjeldahl Steam Distillation unit:
  • Distillation by steam generation
  • Compact steam generator with safety over-temperature thermostat and over-pressure device
  • Safety: Door closed, that prevents distillation if open
  • Universal adapter for MACRO (Ø 42 mm) and MICRO (Ø 26 mm) distillation tubes
  • Tube-in-place Sensor: If the tube is not located, the dosing process of NaOH will not take place
  • Space saving in the laboratory: the reservoirs for the H2O, NaOH, are located inside the unit
  • Empties the digestion/distillation tubes and the collector automatically
  • Alarm for low water level for the steam generator
  • Automatic Distillate Titration Kit - Optional

Specifications (Click here):  Kjeldahl Steam Distillation, Pro-Nitro M

NumberDescriptionPrice $
4002627 Pro-Nitro M Kjeldahl Steam Distillation System, supplied complete with Macro Digestion Tube, set of Connecting Tubes, set of Reservoirs
4042300 Macro Digestion and Distillation Tube, graduated to 100 mL 42 mm Ø × 300 mm high, volume 250 mL
4001045 Micro Digestion and Distillation Tube, 26 mm Ø × 300 mm high, volume 100 mL
4001724 Adapter Kit for automatic determinations, vessel with location positions for pH electrode, stirrer, reagent and distillate sample