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Infors Ecotron Shaking Incubators


The Infors Ecotron Model Shaking Incubators are designed to offer quality, performance and excellent value for the money. .

The innovative Penta-Drive balances the load dynamically and allows smooth, quiet operation even at higher speeds with poorly balanced loads. The speed control is precise and covers a range up to 550 rpm. Good thermal insulation insures the Ecotron shaking incubators will keep an even temperature distribution.

The large, bright LED’s on the splash proof operating panel show both parameters simultaneously, along with key information about the status of the Ecotron. Automatic stopping and re-start depending on whether the door is opened or closed is standard.

The front door allows good access and there is no need to lift up a lid to get at flasks. This allows the Ecotron to be located on or under a laboratory bench while consistently offering easy access. Two Ecotrons can be stacked, to save laboratory space. Spillages are contained in a special insert in the base and draining of the liquid is possible without taking the Ecotron apart.

The Ecotron is available in two models, with or without cooling.

The shaking table has threaded holes to accept accessories such as flasks, test tubes and microtiter plates from the Infors standard range. As an option Sticky Stuff adhesive matting is available. A box for microtiter plates can be mounted onto the Ecotron platform, either with screws or adhesive matting.

Features of the Ecotron:
  • High performance, patented drive with dynamic balancing (Penta-Drive), yielding quiet operation even when unevenly loaded
  • Counter balance system means vibration free performance even at speeds up to 400 rpm
  • Gradient free temperature across the shaking tray
  • Front door allows for over or under the bench operation
  • Can be stacked two high, to conserve laboaratory space
  • Watertight base tray for easy cleaning and containment of spills due to flask breakages
  • All electronics in a single, easily-replaced module located at the top for protection against liquid damage
  • Large, easily readable LED display
  • Control is intuitive to use, separate display and buttons for shaking speed and temperature
  • Flask capacity up to 4 × 2 L (4 × 3000 mL, 3 × 4000 mL and 2 × 5000 using the Infors Sticky Stuff adhesive matting)
Specifications (Click here):  Infors Ecotron Shaking Incubators

NumberDescriptionPrice $
IN-218-NR Infors Ecotron Shaking Incubator, without refrigeration
IN-219-WR Infors Ecotron Shaking Incubator, with refrigeration Inquire
29313 Universal Platform for the Ecotron, 420 × 420 mm with Infors Sticky Stuff adhesive mat, firmly, easily and quickly hold a variety of containers Inquire
63240 Infors Sticky Stuff, 20 cm × 20 cm. Single Sheet adhesive sticky mat, 4 required to cover Ecotron shaking table, firmly, easily and quickly hold a variety of containers 145.00
29615 Fixed Shelf 225.00
31274 Steel Flask Clamp, 25 ml, Ecotron platform holds 49
31279 Steel Flask Clamp, 50 ml, Ecotron platform holds 49 33.00
31271 Steel Flask Clamp, 100 ml, Ecotron platform holds 25 38.00
31275 Steel Flask Clamp, 250 ml, Ecotron platform holds 25 48.00
31280 Steel Flask Clamp, 500 ml, Ecotron platform holds 16 56.00
31272 Steel Flask Clamp, 1000 ml, Ecotron platform holds 9 79.00
31273 Steel Flask Clamp, 2000 ml, Ecotron platform holds 4 91.00
IN-EVAP Anti-evaporation box holds 18 microtiter or 12 deep well plates, the Ecotron can hold one, can provide sterile environment, reduces evaporation losses
IN-TUBE Various test tube racks, punched gaskets of foam rubber, tubes are held vertically or at an adjustable angle, designed for incubation of cultures in test tubes or Falcon tubes, can be used on universal screw down tables or Sticky Stuff tables