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Hot Plate Stirrers, Hot Plates, and Stirrers, the Analog and Digital EchoTherm Family


These Hot Plate Stirrers, Hot Plates, and Stirrers share many characteristics and offer options depending on functions desired. The HS series includes hot plate stirrers, the HP series units have similar features except they have no stirring capability and the ST series units are stirrers only. There are choices for control features (analog or digital), plate size and plate material. The HS40 Hot Plate Stirrer and the HP40 Hot Plate are fully programmable. (For information on other fully programmable models check pages devoted to the Programmable EcoTherm Hotplates and Hotplate Stirrers.)

EchoTherm Hot Plate Stirrers, the HS1, HS10, HS11, HS20, HS30, HS50, HP51, HP40 and HS40

The hot plates are made with a cast aluminum chassis that is painted with chemically resistant epoxy paint. The chassis is designed to keep spills out of the case. The controls are well forward of the heater surface to prevent accidental burns.

The top plates come with ceramic or milled-flat cast aluminum top.

Analog HS10 Digilog HS20 Digital HS51 Programmable HS40

There are three analog models of the HS Series Hot Plate Stirrers, the HS1, HS10 and HS11, which are different in their hot plate sizes (6” × 6”, 8” × 8” and 12” × 12” respectively). In these models, heating and stirring controls are solid state with individual indicator lights, which illuminate when either is activated.

The hybrid model Digilog HS20 has advanced features such as easy setting with membrane keyboard and data storage, but is priced like a simple analog unit.

Digital models of the HS Series Hot Plate Stirrers, the HS30, HS50 and HS51, have an LCD display for the plate and the probe target temperatures, stirring speed and time count (when timer is activated). The stirrer motor speed is optically sensed and controlled by the microprocessor in the unit. Beside the different plate sizes, the models HS50 and HS51 have more features than the HS30 such as the ability to display temperature in either °C or °F and storing up to two sets of data for recall and use.

The HS40 is a fully programmable digital model, with all the features of the other digital models as well as a programmable mode and the ability to store up to 10 programs with as many as 10 steps each. It is part of a family of EchoTherm programmable models, the Hot Plates HP60, HP61,the Hotplate Stirrers HS60, HS61 and HS70 and the EcoTherm 65 5-position Hotplate Stirrer.

Specifications (Click here):  Hot Plate Stirrers, Hot Plates, and Stirrers, the Analog and Digital EchoTherm Family

NumberDescriptionPrice $
HS1 EchoTherm Analog Hot Plate Stirrer HS1, Ceramic Top, 6” x 6”415.00
HS1A EchoTherm Analog Hot Plate Stirrer HS1A, Aluminum Top, 6” x 6”415.00
HS10 EchoTherm Analog Hot Plate Stirrer HS10, Ceramic Top, 8” x 8”463.50
HS10A EchoTherm Analog Hot Plate Stirrer HS10A, Aluminum Top, 8” x 8”489.25
HS11 EchoTherm Analog Hot Plate Stirrer HS11, Ceramic Top, 12” x 12”705.55
HS11A EchoTherm Analog Hot Plate Stirrer HS11A, Aluminum Top, 12” x 12”757.05
HS20 Digilog Hot Plate e Stirrer HS20, Ceramic Top, 6” x 6”478.95
HS30 EchoTherm Digital Hot Plate Stirrer HS30, Ceramic Top, 8” x 8”1,143.30
HS30A EchoTherm Digital Hot Plate Stirrer HS30A, Aluminum Top, 8” x 8”1,169.05
HS40 EchoTherm Programmable Hot Plate Stirrer HS40, Ceramic Top, 8” x 8”1,339.00
HS40A EchoTherm Programmable Hot Plate Stirrer HS40A, Aluminum Top, 8” x 8”1,364.75
HP40 EchoTherm Programmable Hot Plate HP40, Ceramic Top, 8” x 8”1,230.85
HP40A EchoTherm Programmable Hot Plate HP40A, Aluminum Top, 8” x 8”1,256.60
HS50 EchoTherm Digital Hot Plate Stirrer HS50, Ceramic Top, 6” x 6”896.10
HS50A EchoTherm Digital Hot Plate Stirrer HS50A, Aluminum Top, 6” x 6”916.70
HS51 EchoTherm Digital Hot Plate Stirrer HS51, Ceramic Top, 12” x 12”1,339.00
HS51A EchoTherm Digital Hot Plate Stirrer HS51A, Aluminum Top, 12” x 12”1,390.50
HS30-600 Probe, Immersion, 6" Stainless, Platinum RTD, 3' lead97.85
HS30-601 Probe, Immersion, 10" Stainless, Platinum RTD, 3' Lead118.45
HS30-602 Probe, Immersion, 6" Solid Teflon, Platinum RTD, 3' Lead103.00
HS30-603 Probe, Immersion, 6" Solid Glass, Platinum RTD, 3' Lead180.25
HS30-700 Temperature Probe Calibration Kit49.45
HS30-800 Temperature Probe and Plate Calibration Kit396.55
HS50-600 Temperature Probe for HP50 and HS50, 4" Stainless, 3' Lead87.55
HP1 EchoTherm Analog Hot Plate HP1, Ceramic Top, 6” x 6”339.90
HP1A EchoTherm Analog Hot Plate HP1A, Aluminum Top, 6” x 6”399.30
HP10 EchoTherm Analog Hot Plate HP10, Ceramic Top, 8” x 8”391.40
HP10A EchoTherm Analog Hot Plate HP10A, Aluminum Top, 8” x 8”427.45
HP11 EchoTherm Analog Hot Plate HP11, Ceramic Top, 12” x 12”581.95
HP11A EchoTherm Analog Hot Plate HP11A, Aluminum Top, 12” x 12”654.05
HP20 Digilog Hot Plate HP20, Ceramic Top, 6” x 6”432.60
HP30 EchoTherm Digital Hot Plate HP30, Ceramic Top, 8” x 8”1,040.30
HP50 EchoTherm Digital Hot Plate HP50, Ceramic Top, 6” x 6”818.85
HP51 EchoTherm Digital Hot Plate HP51, Ceramic Top, 12” x 12”1,266.90
ST1 EchoTherm Analog Stirrer ST1, Aluminum Top, 6” x 6”340.00
ST10 EchoTherm Analog Stirrer ST10, Ceramic Top, 8” x 8”401.70
ST11 EchoTherm Analog Stirrer ST11, Aluminum Top, 12” x 12”581.95
ST20 Digilog Stirrer ST20, Ceramic Top, 8” x 8”432.60