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Gel Stainer, the ATTO AE-6630 Automatic


The ATTO AE-6630 Programmable Automatic Gel Stainer automates gel staining procedures. An operator can program customized staining procedures in accordance with various electrophoresis techniques, then walk away after setting gels and reagents, and the procedures will be performed automatically.

By automatic staining of gel or membrane such as for polyacrylamide or agarose gel, Western-blot membrane, Dot-blot membrane with silver stain, reverse stain and dye stain techniques,or antigen-antibody or enzyme reaction after blotting, researchers can improve the reproducibility of electrophoresis routines as well as save time in performing a routine, but critical, task.

The ATTO AE-6630 accepts up to 8 reagents in six 35 mL bottles and two 2 L bottles. Each reagent is delivered by its own pump in a given volume over a timed period.

Preparation of dilute reagents is not required, as dilution can automatically be made with water as one of reagents.

Gel or membrane is put in a staining tray that is set on a rocking platform. The tray is rocked with a choice of rocking speed and time profile. Solution can be drained in a given volume and by given time, with a draining pump.

Operation is through a key-pad control panel incorporating an LCD display and LED indication lights. Up to 20 operation programs can be stored, for readily starting automatic operation or for editing in subsequent operations.

The ATTO AE-6630 Automatic Gel Stainer offers unattended operation from the start to the end of staining procedures, and has the flexibility of programming individual parameters to be compatibility with a variety of conventional or modern staining techniques.

Features of the AE-6630 Automatic Gel Stainer:
  • Fully programmable, with each program having up to 48 steps
  • Improves the reproducibility of electrophoresis routines
  • Saves time and labor
  • 8 pumps for two 2L and six 35 mL reagent bottles
  • A ninth pump for waste liquid
  • Supports many types of reactions and staining conditions

ATTO AE-6630 Automatic Gel Stainer

Specifications (Click here):  Gel Stainer, the ATTO AE-6630 Automatic

NumberDescriptionPrice $
2312170 AE-6630 Automatic Gel Stainer, 110 V, 60Hz, supplied with 2 × 2 L reagent bottle with tubing and connectors, 6 × 35 mL reagent bottle with tubing and connectors, 1 × Reagent rack to accommodate 6 35 mL reagent bottles, 1 × Mini gel staining tray (for up to 2 mini gels), 1 × White background sheet and 1 × Black background sheet 5,020.40
2391510 2 L Reagent Bottles, pkg/2 35.21
2391512 35 mL Reagent Bottles, pkg/3 138.88
2391516 0.5 M Reagent Feed Tube 15.65
2391500 Compact Gel Staining Tray (two 65 × 65 mm gels) 385.33
2391502 Mini Gel Staining Tray, two gels (each mini gel 80 × 90 mm) 436.19
2391504 Mini Gel Staining Tray, 4 gels 414.67
2391506 Standard Gel Staining Tray (130 × 140 mm gel) 338.39
2391508 Mini Membrane Staining Tray (80 × 90 mm membrane) 193.64
2391520 White Background Sheet 13.69
2391522 Black Background Sheet 13.69
2391514 2 m Drain Tube 25.43
2391518 Drain Connector 129.10
2398828 Drain Diverging Valve 1,173.60