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Gel Dryers, the Midi MG2131 and MG3545


The Midi MG2131 and MG3545 are ideal gel dryers for every laboratory with size and functionality as well as convenience and ease of use! Midi Gel Dryers are available in 2 sizes of drying area, 210 mm × 310 mm (MG2131) and 350 mm × 450 mm (MG3545).

The two Midi Gel Dryers feature microprocessor based control of temperature, from Ambient +5 to 90 ºC, and time from 0 to 999 minutes, to heat gels from the base plate and to connect to a vacuum source to remove moisture to dry the gels homogenously.

Temperature adjustment is in 0.1 ºC increments with temperature uniformity at 37 ºC of ± 0.2 ºC.

The surrounding groove design and sealing silicon rubber mask insure optimal sealing when connecting to a vacuum pump.

Rose suggests the use of a PTFE diaphragm membrane pump for best results and good lab environment. See the selection of pumps for details.

Features of the MG2131 and MG3545 Midi Gel Dryers:
  • Microprocessor for temperature control
  • User temperature calibration
  • Timer with alarm
  • Two digital LED displays
  • A choice of drying area size, 210 × 310 mm (MG2131) and 350 × 450 mm (MG3545)

MG2131 Midi Gel Dryer

MG3545 Midi Gel Dryer

Specifications (Click here):  Gel Dryers, the Midi MG2131 and MG3545

NumberDescriptionPrice $
MG-2131 Midi Gel Dryer with 210 mm x 310 mm Drying Surface, 115 V, 60Hz 1,750.00
MG-3545 Midi Gel Dryer with 350 mm x 450 mm Drying Surface, 115 V, 60Hz 2,435.00
MG2131MAT Polyethylene Filter Mat for Midi MG2131, 21 × 31 cm 210.60
MG2131SR Silicone Rubber for Midi MG2131, 27 × 37 cm 46.80
MG3545MAT Polyethylene Filter Mat for Midi MG3545, 35 × 45 cm 374.40
MG3545SR Silicone Rubber for Midi MG3545, 41 × 53 91.65