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Drying Ovens, Natural Convection BON Series


The BON series convection ovens allow for a smooth and efficient control of temperature from 10 ºC above ambient temperature to 280ºC. The choice of 35, 34, 124 or 222 Liters covers most standard laboratory requirements, and the attractive price makes these unit ideal for academia and industrial or research facilities with tight budgets.

The BON series natural convection is controlled by a fresh air damper and provides gentle drying and heating with low turbulence and noise, perfect for powders and other airflow sensitive materials.

The PID controller, with double color display, continuously displays the set temperature and the actual temperature inside the chamber. Operating time is also displayed. The controller provides programmability for 7 periods and 9 steps for each period making for a total of 63 programmable steps

The interior chambers are polished 304 stainless steel, for easy cleaning. A top center portal allows for real time testing of internal chamber temperature using external equipment, while a built in thermister temperature sensor offers high sensitivity and accuracy. All units are supplied with two stainless steel shelves.

Every unit is manufactured to the highest standards in accordance with ISO 9001 and are CSA/ETL, UL and CE certified.

Features of the BON Series of Natural Convection Drying Ovens:
  • Automatic over-temperature alarm system
  • Direct thermal heating system for faster and more precise heating
  • Easy to use microprocessor controlled touch button operation
  • Large and easy to read display
  • Anti-tilt design helps prevent containers from falling off half-pulled out shelves
  • Supplied with 2 stainless steel shelves

Specifications (Click here):  Drying Ovens, Natural Convection BON Series

NumberDescriptionPrice $
BO15150U BON-30 Convection Oven, supplied with 2 shelves, 35 Liters / 1.2 cu.ft
BO151120U BON-50 Convection Oven, supplied with 2 shelves, 54 Liters / 1.9 cu.ft
BO151200U BON-115 Convection Oven, supplied with 2 shelves, 124 Liters / 4.4 cu.ft
BO151230U BON-200 Convection Oven, supplied with 2 shelves, 222 Liters / 7.8 cu.ft