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Bioreactors, the Pilot Production Infors Techfors


With a total volume of 20 to 750 L the Techfors Pilot Bioreactor has the flexibility needed for the development and production of pilot and larger scale bioprocesses. The Techfors is designed so that batch, fed batch and continuous cultivation strategies such as chemostat or perfusion processes can be carried out or further developed at the highest level.

There are two basic versions of the Techfors, a bacterial and a cell culture version. A Techfors is custom assembled with applications in mind and has an extensive list of choices and options to optimize for the specific demands of cell and bacterial cultures. An amazing array of stirrers, gas injection strategies, vessel configurations, additional sensors, analyzers and pumps can be specified.

Precise control or monitoring with many built in connections and actuators standard in the control cabinet. Twenty four PID controllers, as a cascade system, control of parameters such as temperature, stirrer speed, pH, p2, feed, and connections for up to 7 weighing scales for gravimetric feed control as well as a vessel load cell. Optional are antifoam/level, mass flow, gas mix, pressure, redox, living and total biomass and cell density, exit gas analysis (2 and C2) by INFORS HT Gas Analyzer, free analog inputs and mass spectrometer. Analog inputs are expandable via Modbus. Up to 48 valves can be regulated. Twenty four outputs for other control elements.

The design and construction of the Techfors makes it ideal for GMP applications.

The Techfors can be sterilized and cleaned in situ. The cleaning option is either permanently installed or is available as a mobile unit, the INFORS HT Tech CIP.

Techfors have been produced for a long time and are being continuously improved in response to new technology and customer demands.

Features of the Techfors:
  • Quiet, environmentally friendly and cleanroom compatible operation
  • Flexible configurations designed and optimized for specific applications, an amazing array of stirrers, gas injection strategies, vessel configurations, additional sensors, analyzers and pumps can be specified
  • Space saving compact design, with open frame for easy accessibility
  • Integrated OPC-XML server for easy and unlimited communication
  • Instrumentation cabinet has many input and output connections and controls as standard
  • Touch screen for precise control gives immediate overview of all process parameters at any time
  • Simplified operation, with an outstanding user interface that brings operators up to speed rapidly
  • Five high precision integrated pumps with the option of connecting additional ones, for accurate process control and security
  • High precision gassing options
  • Precise measurement of the weight of the reactor vessel
  • Sterilization and temperature equalization using house steam is optional for vessels up to 42 L in total volume
  • Drive motor for stirrer can be on top or underneath, coupled magnetically or with a double mechanical seal, designed specifically for sterile room environments
Specifications (Click here):  Bioreactors, the Pilot Production Infors Techfors

NumberDescriptionPrice $
TECH-BACT Techfor Bacterial Version Individually Assembled Packages Inquire
TECH-CELL Techfor Cell Version Individually Assembled Packages Inquire
HT-GAS INFORS HT Gas Analyzer, for exit C2 and 2 gas analysis, optional multiplexer function for use with up to 6 bioreactors, immediate readings for culture analysis, precision control with Iris software, Iris software allows the calculation of parameters such as C2 evolution rate, 2 uptake rate and respiratory quotient, as well as logging and storing data, analog connection allows use with non Infors bioreactors, compact 115 × 235 mm footprint, 142 × 275 × 135 mm overall size
BIO-IRIS INFORS HT Iris software, flexible options for data logging, graphing and control, a link between all INFORS HT bioreactors, linked to Techfors, but PRO version is available for all types of bioreactors and includes more features such as links to balances or mass spectrometers, or communication features Inquire
OPTIONS Special optional solutions available for continuous, chemostat and perfusion processes, configured for batch and fed-batch processes by default Inquire
BIO-CIP INFORS HT Tech CIP mobile cleaner Inquire