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Bioreactors, the Benchtop Infors Multifors 2


The Multifors 2 is especially designed for multiple, parallel bioprocesses in small volumes. Together with the parallel bioprocess software INFORS Iris the Multifors 2 offers a rapid and statistically accurate way to generate and understand process data.

The Multifors 2 is offered in a choice of preconfigured packages and has an extensive list of options to optimize for a specific microbial fermentation and cultivation strategy.

Primarily used for Bacteria, Fungi, Yeasts and Cultures from 180 to 1000 mL. Applications include process development, process optimization, scale up, scale down, statistical studies, process analytical technology (PAT), media development, growth studies toxicity testing and high throughput screening.

Precise control or monitoring of temperature, stirrer speed, pH, pO2, antifoam/level, feed, gas mix, gas flow, with 16 other channels free, for each vessel.

Rushton impellors and a ring sparger for high gas flow rates are included as standard. A range of optional fittings is available to cover almost any possible application.

The design and construction of the vessels, with no welded parts, make the Multifors 2 ideal for GMP applications.

Four high precision pumps per vessel are included for feed, acid, base and antifoam/level/harvest, ready for applications such as fed batch or continuous culture.

Features of the Multifors 2:
  • Faster results with optimized parallel handling
  • Flexible configurations designed for specific applications
  • Compact design, two bioreactors within a single base unit
  • Integrated OPC server for unlimited connection
  • Aseptic sampling
  • Clear path to scale up
  • Touch screen for precise control of up to 6 bioreactors
  • Eight fixed parameters per vessel, sixteen free
  • Vessels with working volumes from 180 mL to 1000 mL with stainless steel top plate including many industry standard ports for a wide variety of sensors
  • Powerful bottom drive magnetically coupled stirring system with speeds up to 1200 rpm
  • Open frame gas supply with up to 5 mass flow controllers
  • Exit gas cooler, to minimize liquid loss
  • Four high precision pumps per vessel standard, simple removal and autoclaving with vessel without worrying about tubing
  • Aluminum heating block with integral cooling eliminates water jackets, allows good views of a bioprocess and precision temperature control
Specifications (Click here):  Bioreactors, the Benchtop Infors Multifors 2

NumberDescriptionPrice $
MULTI-2 Multifors 2 Benchtop Bioreactors, Individually Assembled Packages Inquire
HT-GAS INFORS HT Gas Analyzer, for exit CO2 and O2 gas analysis, optional multiplexer function for use with up to 6 bioreactors, immediate readings for culture analysis, precision control with Iris software, Iris software allows the calculation of parameters such as CO2 evolution rate, O2 uptake rate and respiratory quotient, as well as logging and storing data, analog connection allows use with non Infors bioreactors, compact 115 × 235 mm footprint, 142 × 275 × 135 mm overall size
HT-SAFE INFORS HT Super Safe Sampler, integrated non return valves, take smallest samples with no waste of culture, back flush with sterile air, sterile and safe sampling without laminar flow hood, sampling without risking contamination of the culture vessel, flushing of sample line not required (no dead volume), needle free, autoclavable many times
BIO-IRIS INFORS HT Iris software, flexible options for data logging, graphing and control, a link between all INFORS HT bioreactors, linked to Multifors, but PRO version is available for all types of bioreactors and includes more features such as links to balances or mass spectrometers, or communication features Inquire
OPTIONS Special optional solutions available for continuous, chemostat and perfusion processes, configured for batch and fed-batch processes by default Inquire