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Belly Button, the Compact Gentle Action Shaker


The Belly Button is a compact shaker the easily fits into laboratory hoods, incubators, ovens, and refrigeration units without rearranging shelves or disturbing other materials. It is a compact version of the Belly Dancer, with a combination of rocking platform mixing and orbital shaking that is very effective at slow and gentle speeds.

The platform tilt is continuously adjustable from level to sharp angles in seconds! Constructed of chemically resistant materials The Belly Button will provide years of dependable use.

Ideal for gel and blotting techniques, Northern and Southern hybridizations, retroviral infection cell culture, phage elution, amplification of cDNA libraries, mixing of small tubes and blood samples and more.

The Belly Button is a perfect fit where space is at a premium for molecular and cell biology investigators. The very thin and flat power cord reaches external power outlets without damaging incubator or refrigerator gaskets.

Belly Button on Right with Optional Finger Mat
Features of the Belly Button:
  • Compact size
  • Reliable and durable
  • Variable speed
  • Continuously adjustable tilt
  • Can tolerate a wide temperature range

Specifications (Click here):  Belly Button, the Compact Gentle Action Shaker

NumberDescriptionPrice $
BBUAAUV1S Belly Button compact laboratory shaker 1,334.00
ACCBB0001 Finger mat, sits on top of and is the same size as the Belly Button platform, allows mixing of the contents of small tubes and blood samples.