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Aspirator Pumps, Dual Channel, Water Jet


The VE-11 portable dual-channel, water-jet aspirator pump, the creates a vacuum using the venturi effect that is dependent on the vapor pressure of water, a function of temperature. Ideal for rotary vacuum evaporators, electrophoresis gel dryers, distillation, vacuum dryers, vacuum filtering units, aspirating corrosive solvents and other common laboratory tasks.

The VE-11 aspirator pump is oil-free and pulseless. It can handle corrosive solvents without the need for cold or chemical traps, without the vulnerability to damage of other vacuum pump technologies.

With the recirculating feature the VE-11 Aspirator pump is an economical solution for basic vacuum needs around the laboratory, with initial cost as well as long term operating efficiency.

VE-11 with Optional Vacuum Gauge
Features of the VE-11 Aspirator Pump:
  • Built-in circulating pump and water tank
  • 18 Liter bath capacity
  • Includes 2 metal aspirators to create a vacuum with a built-in check valve to prevent back-flow of water into the aspirator pump
  • Tank has a convenient drain hose and spigot for easy water change
  • Supplied with silicone tubes for quick installation
  • Small foot-print
  • Achieves maximum vacuum of 29.5” mercury

Specifications (Click here):  Aspirator Pumps, Dual Channel, Water Jet

NumberDescriptionPrice $
71016U VE-11 Electrical Aspirator Pump, 120 Volt, 60Hz, includes water tank, aspirator pump, tank closure, two aspirators, two 6mm Ø ×200mm and one 8mm Ø×1m silicon rubber tubes 1,098.29
71531 Vacuum gauge with regulator (optional) to monitor and control vacuum pressure, 0.0257 to 0.0998 MPa
71501 Cooling coil to prevent vacuum from decreasing if temperature increases
9111 Aspirator to prevent backflow of water, nickel coated brass with inner ball and check valve, pkg/1
72200 Filter Pack, pkg/5 204.72