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Bioreactors, the Infors Terrafors-IS for Solids and Semi-Solids, Automatic In Situ Sterilization


With the Terrafors a precisely controlled environment can be created to select and cultivate microbes specifically related to the treatment of solid and semi-solid waste and contaminated soils. These include bacteria, yeast and fungi with aerobic, micro-aerophilic and anaerobic requirements across a range of temperatures.

The base unit provides the support and lifting mechanism for the bowl shaped vessel. Its main functions are supply of air and gas, mixing and temperature control. The base unit is usually connected to the operating panel but they can be separated at any time.

The Terrafors are controlled by the X-fors high performance digital system that can handle up to four base units as well as connections with peripherals such as balances, external pumps, analyzers for exit gas measurement, biosensors or mass spectrometers.

The Terrafors vessel is a 15 liter rotating drum with internal baffles, for mixing samples sizes of 3 – 4 kg of solids such as soil, semi-solids such as sludge, and liquids such as oil. A tight silicone seal prevents leakage when liquids are used. Two 20 mm ports and a central inlet pipe provide access for sampling and addition of feed or reagent.

Each Terrafors is built to suit specific needs, with options such as the INFORS HT Gas Analyser for exit gas measurement and analysis. The Terrafors-IS features an automatic in situ sterilization system that uses direct steam injection at 134 °C. An optional steam generator can be mounted on the base for ease of use.

Call Rose Scientific to assemble a Terrafors laboratory system to satisfy your application.

Features of the Terrafors-IS Base Unit and Control:
  • Powerful motor for rotation with control
  • Temperature control module for water circulation
  • Gassing unit with rotameter - optional mass flow control valve(s) and gas mixing
  • Digital pump with removable pump head for feed or reagent
  • Connection for additional 4 analog inputs and 6 outputs
  • Provided with the X-fors high-performance digital control system for up to 4 units
  • Link to IRIS data-logging and control software via a serial connection. Connect peripherals such as balances, external pumps, or analyzers for exit gas measurement, biosensors or mass spectrometers
  • Sterilization system uses direct steam injection with a maximum temperature of 134°C. An optional steam generator can be mounted on the base for ease of use
  • 15L Vessel is sealed and baffled, with water circulation for temperature control and inlets for sampling or addition of feed or reagent
Specifications (Click here):  Bioreactors, the Infors Terrafors-IS for Solids and Semi-Solids, Automatic In Situ Sterilization

NumberDescriptionPrice $
TERRA-IS INFORS Terrafors-IS base unit and vessel with in situ sterilization Inquire
HT-GAS INFORS HT Gas Analyzer, for exit C2 and 2 gas analysis, optional multiplexer function for use with up to 6 bioreactors, immediate readings for culture analysis, precision control with Iris software, Iris software allows the calculation of parameters such as C2 evolution rate, 2 uptake rate and respiratory quotient, as well as logging and storing data, analog connection allows use with non Infors bioreactors, compact 115 × 235 mm footprint, 142 × 275 × 135 mm overall size
TERRA-STEAM Base mounted Steam Generator Inquire
BIO-IRIS INFORS HT Iris software, flexible options for data logging, graphing and control, a link between all INFORS HT bioreactors, linked to Terrafors, but PRO version is available for all types of bioreactors and includes more features such as links to balances or mass spectrometers, or communication features Inquire
BIO-SENSORS Sensors for automated detection of biomass, both viable and total cell density Inquire