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Vacuum Sealers, the Sealcom-V


The Sealcom-V Vacuum Sealer is a high quality seal and preservation unit suitable for dealing with solids and liquids.

Vacuum seal using many types of thermoplastic materials, such as polystyrene, polypropylene, polyester or aluminum. It is ideal for sealing solids, liquids, powders, sludge samples, granules, seeds, fruits, food, medical apparatus, forensics, chemical products, mud, cores, or just about anything else that warrants preservation. The process prevents oxidation and the growth of mold or other micro-organisms The Sealcom-V prolongs the quality, durability and freshness of items to be stored.

Features of the Sealcom-V vacuum sealer:
  • Digital selection and display of vacuum time, seal time, discharge time
  • Analog vacuum gauge
  • Bench-top, stainless steel construction with transparent lid
  • After closing lid the vacuum process starts automatically
  • Includes oil pump
  • Time adjustable from 1 to 999 minutes or continuous

Specifications (Click here):  Vacuum Sealers, the Sealcom-V

NumberDescriptionPrice $
4100050 Sealcom-V Vacuum Sealer, 120V, supplied with a maintenance kit that includes 2 heaters, 3 PTFE heater covers, 1 lid seal and a 250mL bottle of pump oil2,137.00
4100051 Maintenance Kit, includes 2 heaters, 3 PTFE heater covers, and 1 lid seal262.60