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Vacuum Pumps, the Chemical Resistant Chemker 600 Series


These Rocker Scientific vacuum pumps have all wetted parts made of PTFE material that can resist most corrosive gases. They are specifically designed to work against vacuum and to frequently stop and start. The Rocker 600 Series Vacuum Pumps feature an oil free diaphragm driven design that does not need maintenance or regular oil changes and does not contribute to atmospheric oil pollution.

Ideal for such laboratory uses as rotary evaporators, concentrators, vacuum ovens or solvent extraction.

A 220V version of each pump is available.

Features of the Chemker 600, Chemker 610 and Chemker 611 Vacuum Pumps:
  • All wetted parts made of PTFE, which resists most corrosive gases
  • Designed for applications that include frequent starting and stopping
  • No air pollution and maintenance-free – the Chemker 600 series pumps are oil and lubricant free thus eliminating oil contamination of the atmosphere
  • Low noise
  • Thermal safety protection shuts down when overheated and resumes working when cooler

Specifications (Click here):  Vacuum Pumps, the Chemical Resistant Chemker 600 Series

NumberDescriptionPrice $
169600-11 Chemker 600 Vacuum Pump, 110V 3,200.75
169600-22 Chemker 600 Vacuum Pump, 220V 3,200.75
169610-11 Chemker 610 Vacuum Pump, 110V 3,200.75
169610-22 Chemker 610 Vacuum Pump, 220V 3,200.75
169611-11 Chemker 611 Vacuum Pump, 110V 3,386.60
169611-22 Chemker 611 Vacuum Pump, 220V 3,386.60
169601-06 Glass Vapor Trap for Chemker 611 136.30
169611-06 Vapor Trap/Vacuum Regulator, for Chemker 600, 610 and 611, with upward gauge 173.25
169600-62 Repaid kit of Chemker 600 658.35
169610-62 Repaid kit for Chemker 610 and 611 658.35