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Aspirator Pumps, Dual Channel, Water Jet
Bio-suction Systems, the BioDolphin Suction Kit and the Portable Lafil 400-BioDolphin
Filter Manifolds, Three Position BioVac 300 Series and Six Position BioVac 600 Series
Filtration Systems, with Rocker, Chemker and Lafil Vacuum Pumps, LF and VF Filtration Sets and BioVac Multi-branch Filtration Manifolds
Freeze Dryers and Vacuum Concentrators, the HyperCOOL HC3055, HC3110 and High Capacity HC8080
Freeze Dryers, Dry Ice Benchtop System, -75 °C
Freeze Dryers, the FreeZone 18 Liter and – 50 °C Console Freeze Dry System
Syringe Filters, PTFE (Teflon) Non-Sterile and Sterile
Syringe Filters, Whatman Puradisc™ PTFE (Teflon), Sterile and Non-sterile
Vacuum Pumps, Chemical Duty Diaphragm with Explosion Proof Motor
Vacuum Pumps, Chemstar® Dry for Deep Vacuum and Harsh Chemistry
Vacuum Pumps, DUOSEAL® Belt Drive High Vacuum Rotary Vane
Vacuum Pumps, Direct Drive High Vacuum Compact, Gem, Medium and Large
Vacuum Pumps, Direct Drive Robust High Vacuum, the CRVPro 4, CRVpro 6 and CRVpro 8
Vacuum Pumps, Dry Diaphragm High Flow Chemical Duty
Vacuum Pumps, Dry PTFE, DryFast® Collegiate, Research, Ultra, 2037 and 2047
Vacuum Pumps, Dry Wob-L Piston Standard Duty High Throughput
Vacuum Pumps, Dry Wob-L Piston Standard Lab Duty
Vacuum Pumps, DryFast® Ultra and DryFast® Self Cleaning Dry PTFE Diaphragm Pumps with Vacuum Regulator
Vacuum Pumps, Oil Free PTFE Diaphragm Chemically Resistant Laboratory Chemker Models 300, 400, 410 and 411
Vacuum Pumps, Oil Free Piston Laboratory Models Rocker 300, 300DC, 400, 410, 430, 800, 810, 801, 811 and Portable Lafil 400
Vacuum Pumps, Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Laboratory Models 130, 150, 215 and 250
Vacuum Pumps, the BTpro Botanical Series Chemical Duty Diaphragm
Vacuum Pumps, the Büchi V-700 and V-710 PTFE Diaphragm Pumps
Vacuum Pumps, the Chemical Resistant Chemker 600 Series
Vacuum Pumps, the Economical Büchi V-100 PTFE Diaphragm Pumps and the I-100 Vacuum Controller