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Bottle Top Dispensers, Socorex Calibrex™ universal 520 Series


Designed for performance handling of liquids from a large variety of bottles and flasks, the Calibrex™ digital dispensers from Socorex combine the latest in dosing technology, in high-tech materials and ergonomic design. The universal 520 Series have a simple very sturdy construction, smooth action and broad chemical compatibility. There are three models with adjustable volumes.

The friendly digital volume setting adjustment is fast and precise even with a gloved hand.

These units are manufactured and tested to fully comply with current safety regulations. Calibrex™ dispensers have 32 mm base thread.

The white topped Calibrex™ universal 520 Series dispensers are supplied with one each of 28, 40 and 45 mm polypropylene adapters and a 300 mm PTFE feed tube. They are available in a range with maximum volumes of 2, 5 and 10 mL.

Contact sales@rosesci.com for more information including other accessories and a chemical compatibility chart.

Fixed volume dispensers in these series are also available; please call or email for price and availability.

Features and Benefits of the Caibrex universal 520 Bottle Top Dispensers:
  • Teflon coated plunger prevents “freezing” when alkaline solutions are dispensed
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • No risk of setting errors with the digital volume display
  • Easy and fast volume selection
  • Autoclavable up to 121 ºC
  • Simple construction; no tool is required for disassembling
  • In-lab calibration
  • Also available in fixed volume, on request
  • Long lasting performance stability
  • Two-year warranty against manufacturing defects

Specifications (Click here):  Bottle Top Dispensers, Socorex Calibrex™ universal 520 Series

NumberDescriptionPrice $
520.002 Calibrex universal 520 Bottle Top Dispenser, 0.25 – 2 mL
520.005 Calibrex universal 520 Bottle Top Dispenser, 1 – 5 mL
520.010 Calibrex universal 520 Bottle Top Dispenser, 1 – 10 mL
1.524 Jet-Pen Extension Tubing Set for up to 20 mL volumes, 60 mm L × 2.2 mm Ø
GLP22 Bottle-neck Adapter, 22 mm (polypropylene, black)
GLP25 Bottle-neck Adapter, 24 mm (polypropylene, black) 27.49
GLP28 Bottle-neck Adapter, 28 mm (polypropylene, black) 27.49
GLP30 Bottle-neck Adapter, 30 mm (polypropylene, black) 27.49
GLP34 Bottle-neck Adapter, 34 mm (polypropylene, black) 38.70
GLP36 Bottle-neck Adapter, 36 mm (polypropylene, black) 38.70
GLP38 Bottle-neck Adapter, 38 mm (polypropylene, black) 38.70
GLP40 Bottle-neck Adapter, 40 mm (polypropylene, black) 38.70
GLP45 Bottle-neck Adapter, 45 mm (polypropylene, black) 38.70
GLT36 Bottle-neck Adapter, 36 mm (PTFE, White)
GLT38 Bottle-neck Adapter, 38 mm (PTFE, White) 171.20
GLT40 Bottle-neck Adapter, 40 mm (PTFE, White) 171.20
GLT45 Bottle-neck Adapter, 45 mm (PTFE, White) 171.20
314.0500PE Amber glass bottle, square, Plastic Coated, 500 mL with 32 mm thread 49.20
314.1000PE Amber glass bottle, square, Plastic Coated, 1000 mL with 45 mm thread 69.20
314.2500PE Amber glass bottle, round, Plastic Coated, 2500 mL with 45 mm thread 84.00
314.0100 Amber glass bottle, square, 100 mL Ø 32 mm
314.0250 Amber glass bottle, square, 250 mL Ø 32 mm 18.96
314.0500 Amber glass bottle, square, 500 mL Ø 32 mm 18.96
314.1000 Amber glass bottle, square, 1000 mL Ø 45 mm 26.40
314.2500 Amber glass bottle, round, 2500 mL Ø 45 mm 34.80
320.SB050 Dispenser work station for small size bottles using 520 or 521 bottle top dispensers