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Orbital Shaker, INFORS Celltron, Gentle Drive for use in CO2 Incubators


The Infors Celltron Orbital Shaker is specifically designed and built to perform in CO2 incubators. The Celltron has minimal power consumption of 4 watts, which means that it does not dump large amounts of heat into the incubator, so temperatures are not distrupted.

While the Celltron is inside the CO2 incubator the magnetic touch controller is outside, allowing the user to get an overview of the operational status at all times. The controller and the Celltron are connected with a flat cable that slips between the incubator door seals.

The Celltron is made to operate in the environment typical of a CO2 incubator. It also has an antimicrobial surface and is constructed of materials that will not rust, corrode or break down after lengthy use.

An Infors Sticky Stuff adhesive mat enables the ATF Universal Platform of the Celltron to be used flexibly with various flask sizes. Even adhesion at temperatures less than 60 °C, without the need for flask clamps. A universal platform without Sticky Stuff and Flask clamps are also available if needed, as well as dedicated trays, trays with roller clamps and trays with holders for microtiter plates.

Features of the Celltron Orbital Shaker:
  • Gentle and reliable magnetic drive, no drive belt, developed specifically for cell cultures, with snooth start and stop
  • Minimal heat emission, so it does not disrupt temperature control in the incubator
  • Intuitive touch controller with timer function
  • Range of options for trays and fittings
  • Antimicrobial surface, silver based
  • Corrosion resistant, made of ABS plastic and stainless steel
Specifications (Click here):  Orbital Shaker, INFORS Celltron, Gentle Drive for use in CO2 Incubators

NumberDescriptionPrice $
CELLTRON-UP Infors Celltron Orbital Shaker with ATW Universal Platform, 115 Volt, 60Hz, the ATW Universal Platform is 370 × 300 mm and has holes for use with flask clamps. Inquire
CELLTRON-SS Infors Celltron Orbital Shaker with ATW Universal Platform and Sticky Stuff Adhesive Matt, 115 Volt, 60Hz, the ATW Universal Platform is 370 × 300 mm and is covered with the tenacious Infors Sticky Stuff to firmly, easily and quickly hold a variety of containers Inquire
ATW-UP ATW Universal Platform, 370 × 300 mm, has holes to attach clamps
ATW-SS ATW Universal Platform with tenacious Infors Sticky Stuff adhesive mat, 370 × 300 mm Inquire
63240 Infors Sticky Stuff, 20 cm × 20 cm, Single Sheet adhesive sticky mat 145.00
IN-TRAYS Fixed clamp trays, trays with holders for microtiter plates and trays with roller clamps are available Inquire
31274 Steel Flask Clamp, 25 ml, ATW platform holds 48
31279 Steel Flask Clamp, 50 ml, ATW platform holds 35 33.00
31271 Steel Flask Clamp, 100 ml, ATW platform holds 23 38.00
31275 Steel Flask Clamp, 250 ml, ATW platform holds 12 48.00
31280 Steel Flask Clamp, 500 ml, ATW platform holds 8 56.00
31272 Steel Flask Clamp, 1000 ml, ATW platform holds 5 79.00
IN-TUBE Various test tube racks, punched gaskets of foam rubber, tubes are held vertically or at an adjustable angle, designed for incubation of cultures in test tubes or Falcon tubes, can be used on universal screw down tables or Sticky Stuff tables