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Filter Tips, 0.1 – 10 µL PCR, 0.5 – 10 µL, 0.5 – 20 µL Cristal, and 1 – 20 µL, from AHN Biotechnology
Filter Tips, 30 µL and 100 µL Gel Loading, from AHN Biotechnology
Filter Tips, BioPointe Scientific® Premium and ART Aerosol Resistant
Filter Tips, Premium AHN Gel Loader 30 µl and 100 µl Filter Tips, AHN Biotechnology
Filter Tips, Rose Brand 100 µl, 150 µl Volumes, Standard, Ultra Micro-Capillary, Gel Loading
Filter Tips, Rose Brand 200 µl, 300 µl, 350 µl Volumes, Standard, Large Orifice and Extended Length
Filter Tips, Socorex Qualitips® Gel Loading, Micro, Ultra-Micro, Standard and Extended
Filter Tips, Ultra Low Retention ULR, from AHN Biotechnology
Filtered Pipette Tips, Low Retention Grade, Sterile and RNase/DNase Free
Robotic Tips for Beckman® FX, NX, Multimek AP96 and Biomek 3000 Liquid Handling Robots
Tips, 1 - 200 µL Gel Loading, from AHN Biotechnology