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Shakers, Incu-Mixer™ MP2 and MP4 Heated Microplate Vortex Mixers for 2 or 4 Plates


The IncuMixer™ MP thermal vortex shakers are ideal for a wide variety of molecular biology applications including immunochemical reactions, enzyme and protein analysis, and microarray analysis. Designed for optimal microplate vortexing and incubating, this versatile mixer can function as a multi-plate incubator, a vortexer, or both. The Incu-Mixer MP's time, temperature, and speed controls function independently of each other

The Incu-Mixer MP heated microplate vortexer has solid heating plates both on the top and bottom of the instrument. This dual-plate placement creates an optimal environment for biological processes. The top and bottom plates work simultaneously to insure temperature uniformity across microplates as well as to prevent condensation at the top of the wells.

The Incu-Mixer™ MP is available in MP2 format to hold two microplates or MP4 to hold four.

Features of the Incu-Mixer MP2 and MP4 Shakers:
  • Time, temperature, and speed are independently controlled
  • Large LCD screen displays speed, time, and temperature in real time
  • Internal validation system constantly monitors all parameters for accuracy
  • Superior temperature uniformity provided by lid and bottom surface heating
  • Heated lid minimizes evaporation and prevents condensation
  • 2 mm shaking orbit insures thorough mixing without splashing
  • Available microplate tube adapter holds twelve 1.5 or 2.0 mL and eight 0.5 mL tubes and occupies one microplate position

NumberDescriptionPrice $
H6002 Incu-Mixer MP2 Heated Microplate Vortexer, holds 2 microplates, 115V
H6002-E Incu-Mixer MP2 Heated Microplate Vortexer, holds 2 microplates, 220V
H6004 Incu-Mixer MP4 Heated Microplate Vortexer, holds 4 microplates, 115V
H6004-E Incu-Mixer MP4 Heated Microplate Vortexer, holds 4 microplates, 220V