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Water and Oil Baths, the Termobat 110 °C or 200 °C, for Rotary Evaporators or Stand Alone Use


The Termobat Water and Oil Baths are designed to be used with a rotary evaporator and flask sizes up to 10 L, or as a stand alone bains marie. The large capacity 11 L tank interior is made of stainless steel, with a usable diameter of 29 cm.. The heater element is embedded in a protective stainless steel shield.

These baths have a temperature thermostat regulator that is synchronized with the indicator lamp. Depending on the model the Termobat baths have either a 110 °C or a 200 °C limit, with excellent stability. They feature a manually reset over temperature safety cut out.

Features of the Termobat water and oil baths:
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Large 11 L capacity
  • Heater element embedded in stainless steel shield
  • Two models, with temperatures to 110 or to 200 °C

Specifications (Click here):  Water and Oil Baths, the Termobat 110 °C or 200 °C, for Rotary Evaporators or Stand Alone Use

NumberDescriptionPrice $
3000587 Termobat 110 °C, 11 L water and oil bath
3000588 Termobat 200 °C, 11 L water and oil bath
7000589 Reduction ring cover lid, stainless steel, diameters 210, 180, 145, 115 and 80 mm, with location hole for thermometer
6000055 Heater element cover shelf
1000120 Thermometer up to 120 °C