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Aluminum Housed Heating Mantles, Single Position with and without Stirring, Controlled and Uncontrolled Models
Automatic Titrator – T860 High Accuracy Potentiometric Titration
Electrothermal Multi (Extraction) Heating Mantles and Heating/Stirring Mantles, 3 and 6-Position
Fabric Housed Heating Mantles and Heated Top Cover Mantles
Flocculators, Laboratory Flocumatic and Portable Jartest
Homogenizers, Compact BeadBug™ Personal and BeadBug™ 6-Position Microtube Bead Grinders
Hot Plate Stirrers and Stirrers, Analog and Digital, Ceramic Glass and Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel, Round and Square Tops
Hot Plate Stirrers, 800.DG, 900.DG Digital Control of Heat, Speed and Time and 700.AG Analog Control of Heat and Speed
Hot Plate Stirrers, Hot Plates, and Stirrers, the Analog H4000 Series
Hot Plate Stirrers, Hot Plates, and Stirrers, the Analog and Digital EchoTherm Family
Hot Plate Stirrers, Hot Plates, and Stirrers, the Digital H3760 Series
Hot Plate Stirrers, Hot Plates, the EchoTherm Programmable Family
Hot Plates, Stirrers and Hotplate Stirrers, Digital Control H3770 (7 inch) and H3710 (10 inch) Series
Hotplate Stirrers Kits with PT-100 Temperature Sensors for 500ºC with Solid Ceramic Glass Surface and up to1500 rpm stirring
Hotplate Stirrers, Reversible Agimatic-Rev-TFT and Rev-TFT-C Magnetic with Time Control
IKA C-Mag Series Hot Plate Stirrers (HS), the HS 4, HS 7 and HS 10
IKA C-Mag Series Hot Plates (HP), the HP 4, HP 7, and HP 10
IKA C-Mag Series Magnetic Stirrers (MS), the MS 4, MS 7, and MS 10
IKA High Capacity Magnetic Stirrers Midi MR1 (up to 50 liters) and Maxi MR1 (up to 150 liters)
IKA Hot Plate Stirrers, IKA RCT Basic, RET Basic and RET Control Visc, Safety Control
IKA Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrers (RO Models) and Magnetic Heater Stirrers (RT Models)
Magnetic Stirrer without Heating, Ultra-flat Compact IKA Lab Disc
Magnetic Stirrers without Heating, Compact IKA Mini MR Standard and Small KMO 2 Basic
Magnetic Stirrers, the IKA Topolino and the IKA Topolino Mobil Portable
MaxMag-50L and MaxMag-200L High capacity Digital Magnetic Stirrers for 50 L and 200 L Volumes
Multiposition Analog Stirrers and Hot Plate Stirrers, EchoTherm 5 Position Digital and 5 Position Programmable Hot Plate Stirrers
Multiposition Analog Stirrers, 10 and 16 Position
Multiposition Magnetic Stirrer, the Compact 4-Position MS-01
Overhead Stirrer, Portable Model 1540 Crossover High Volume, for stand or large container mounting
Overhead Stirrers, Heidolph Series RZR with Electronic Control
Overhead Stirrers, Heidolph Series RZR with Mechanical Control
Vortex Mixers, Vortex Mixers and Heaters, Confido S20, S20H, S202, S202H for Microwell Plates, S50, S50H for 15 and 50 mL Conical Tubes