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Biohazard Bags, BowTie™ Collection and Clear or Red Autoclavable
Biohazard Disposal Bags, Autoclavable
Crimpers and Decappers, Manual and Electronic
Electronic Pipettes, the Acura® electro Line of 926 Micropipettes, 936 Macropipettes and 956 Multichannel Pipettes
Homogenizer Motors, the CAT Hand Held X120, Industrial Unidrive 1000D and Industrial High Volume X1740, for use with Dispersing Tools or Grinding Chamber
Laboratory Aids, Bases, Stands and Supports
Laboratory Aids, Porcelain and Glass Buchner Funnels, Glass Separatory Funnels, Stainless Steel Funnels with Handles, Neoprene Filter Adapters
Laboratory Aids, Standard, Heavy, Triangular, A-Base and Plastic Support Stands with Rods
Micropipettes, P, H, U and A Series Variable Volume
Overhead Stirrers, CAT Standard Laboratory R80D, R80D-PC. R50, R50D and R18
Overhead Stirrers, Laboratory to Pilot plant, CAT R100 Power Series
Overhead Stirrers, Mechanically Controlled RW 20 Digital and RW 28 Basic Laboratory
PCR Tubes, Rose Brand 0.6 mL and 0.2 mL, Single or in Strips of 8 or 12, Thin Wall, Non-Sterile
Pipette Controller, Socorex Profiller Electro 446 Electronic
Pipette and Pipette Filler Stands and Work Stations