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Polarimeters, Manual, with LED, Halogen or Sodium Arc Light Sources


The German manufactured S+H VISPOL-Series and the VEE GEE Model C25L Manual Polarimeters feature full circular scales of ±180°. With the use of the Vernier scale, rotations can be measured to an accuracy of 0.1° (an experienced user can potentially achieve accuracy of 0.05°). The rugged design allows for heavy use at the instructional level.

Measurements are made by rotating the Vernier scale disc with the coarse/fine controls, in turn, adjusting the analyzer. The large diameter of the Vernier scale disc allows for highly sensitive comparisons of half shadows resulting in accuracy typically not possible with manual polarimeters. The optical assembly (Vernier scale disc, polarizer, analyzer and sample compartment) is tilted 15° from horizontal, resulting in more convenient and comfortable operation.

The polarizer is fitted with a thin, high-quality, 2-part quartz disc which produces the divided (2 half shadows) field of view. When the 2 half shadows are in view during measurements, right-shadow shading indicates a dextrorotatory sample and left-side shading indicates a levorotatory sample. The half shadow angle is dependent on the light source used (with sodium light (589nm) it is 8°, and with mercury light (546nm) it is 9.5°).

Three types of light sources are available. The cost effective Model C25L features a long-life, energy-efficient LED light source with a 589nm filter and instant operation. An S+H VISPOL Series polarimeter with sodium arc lamp light (589nm) source is available for absolute accuracy. The S+H VISPOL Series with halogen lamp light sources coupled with interference filters (589nm sodium mimic or 546nm mercury mimic) are less expensive, the halogen lights have longer life and operation is immediate. This style is the preferred choice for general testing.

A wide selection of S+H samples cells and quartz control plates are also available.
Features of the S+H VISPOL Series and the C25L Manual Polarimeters:
  • Rugged design and simple operation
  • Wide measurement range ff ± 180°
  • Potential accuracy up to ± 0.05° with experienced users, ± 0.1° is easily obtained
  • Sample cells up to a maximum of 200 mm
  • The economical C25L with long life LED light and interference filter is ideal for demanding instructional applications
  • The S+H VISPOL Series offers Halogen or Sodium Arc Light Sources, Sodium Arc is the choice for absolute accuracy, Halogen lamps with interference filters are more economical, have longer life and instant operation

Specifications (Click here):  Polarimeters, Manual, with LED, Halogen or Sodium Arc Light Sources

NumberDescriptionPrice $
4601P C25L Manual Full-Circle Polarimeter, 589nm
46001 VISPOL589H Full-Circle Polarimeter, 589nm
46003 VISPOL546H Full-Circle Polarimeter, 546nm
46005 VISPOL589S Full-Circle Polarimeter, 589nm
46000-02595 Glass Sample Cell without bubble trap, 100mm, 5.5 mL
46000-02596 Glass Sample Cell without bubble trap, 200 mm, 10.5 mL
46000-02604 Glass Sample Cell with bubble trap, 50mm, 3.0 mL
46000-02600 Glass Sample Cell with bubble trap, 100 mm, 10.5 mL
45000-02601 Glass Sample Cell with bubble trap, 200 mm, 16.5 mL
46000-02611 Glass Sample Cell with center well, 50mm, 3.0 mL
46000-02607 Glass Sample Cell with center well, 100 mm, 6.0 mL
45000-02608 Glass Sample Cell with center, 200 mm, 12.0 mL
46000-02612 Glass Sample Cell for Medical Applications, 95.04 mm, 5.5 mL Inquire
46000-02613 Glass Sample Cell for Medical Applications, 190.09 mm, 11.0 mL Inquire
46000-00782 Halogen lamp, 12V, 50 W Inquire