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Bottle Top Dispensers, Socorex Acurex™ 501 Series Compact Low Profile
Bottle Top Dispensers, Socorex Calibrex™ organo 525 and solutae 530 Series
Bottle Top Dispensers, Socorex Calibrex™ universal 520 Series
Electronic Pipettes, the Acura® electro Line of 926 Micropipettes, 936 Macropipettes and 956 Multichannel Pipettes
Filter Tips, Rose Brand 100 µl, 150 µl Volumes, Standard, Ultra Micro-Capillary, Gel Loading
Filter Tips, Rose Brand 200 µl, 300 µl, 350 µl Volumes, Standard, Large Orifice and Extended Length
Filter Tips, Socorex Qualitips® Gel Loading, Micro, Ultra-Micro, Standard and Extended
Macro Pipette Tips, Rose Brand 2.5 mL, 5 mL, 5 mL Extra Long and 10 mL
Macropipettes, Acura 835 Adjustable and Fixed Volume
Micropipettes, Acura 825 Adjustable Volume and 815 Fixed Volume
Micropipettes, Acura® 855 Manual 8 and 12 Channel
Micropipettes, Acura® Manual XS 826 Single Channel
Micropipettes, Socorex Acura® capillar Positive Displacement 846 Series
Pipette Controller, Socorex Manual Profiller 435 and 436
Pipette Controller, Socorex Profiller Electro 446 Electronic
Pipette Fillers, Profillette 406 Manual
Pipette Tips, Rose Brand Sterile Individually Wrapped 200 µL and 1000 µL
Pipette and Pipette Filler Stands and Work Stations
Pipettes, Calibra® Digital 822 Micropipettes, 832 Macropipettes and 852 Multichannel pipettes
Pipettes, Socorex Acura Manual 865 Self-refilling Microdispensers
Pipettes, Socorex Acura Manual Dilution 1:10 Model 819, Precalibrated Settings
Repeater Pipette, Socorex Stepper™ 411
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Sterilization Pouches, Qualitix® Single Use Self-Sealing
Syringes, Socorex Dosys™ All Glass
Syringes, Socorex Dosys™ Two Ring and Pistol Grip, Premium, Classic and Basic
Tips, Kima and AHN Various Volumes 10 µL, 200uL and 1000uL
Tips, Rose Brand 1 - 200 µL Volume, Standard, Extra Long and Beveled Tip
Tips, Rose Brand 100 - 1000 µL Volume, Standard, Extra Long and Beveled Tip
Tips, Rose Brand Ultra Micro 10 µL