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Spectrophotometers, the Optizen 3220UV Double Beam UV and Vis and the Optizen POP


The Optizen 3220UV Double Beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer is ideal for analyzing components that require multiple wavelengths, time course operations, and getting stable data sheets.

The Optizen POP Single Beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer is a new design that provides economical yet powerful performance in a beautiful industrial design.

Features of the Optizen 3220UV Spectrophotometer:
  • niversal sample cell holder holds 8 cells
  • Rotating cell holder (8 cells and one blank)
  • Superb optics for maximized accuracy
  • Exceptional precision and reliability
  • USB ports for programming updates and other accessory connections
  • User-friendly software with scanning and time course capacities
  • Versatile data processing

Optizen 3220UV Spectrophotometer
Features of the Optizen POP Spectrophotometer:
  • Single beam spectrophotometer, 7 connecting ports and embedded PC for powerful performance
  • Stability in measurement, in spite of unstable input voltage
  • Auto blank measuring methods, sliding LC mirror changer, temperature cell sensor and noise elimination
  • Versatile and customizable, for educational institutions, industrial facilities and laboratories
  • Economical
  • Quartz coating protects high precision optical components
  • Compact and beautiful industrial design

Optizen POP Spectrophotometer

Specifications (Click here):  Spectrophotometers, the Optizen 3220UV Double Beam UV and Vis and the Optizen POP

NumberDescriptionPrice $
3220DB Optizen 3220UV Double Beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer 13,860.00
3220S Optizen POP Single Beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, supplied with rotary 8-position cell holder 8,460.00
3220CH8 Cell holder, 8 position (standard cell size 10 mm)
3220NC Nanoliter cell, light path of 1 mm
3220SS Sipper system, intake volume range 200 – 5000 µL, 173×210×130 mm, RS232C port connect
3220PTCS Peltier temperature control system, includes temperature cell holder, control range 5 – 85 °C, accuracy ± 0.5 °C
3220TCHW Temperature cell holder, water circulation type, temperature range -10 to 80 °C
3220FCHW Film cell holder, wide type, sample limit thickness 3 mm, width 100 mm, height 70 mm
3220FCHC Film cell holder, cell type, sample limit thickness 2 mm, width 10 mm, height 30 mm
3220MVCH Micro volume cell holder, ≤ 1000 µL single cell holder, center height 15 mm, path length 10 mm
3220RCHS Round cell holder, test tube diameter 16 mm, height ≤ 100 mm
3220RCHB Round cell holder, test tube diameter 25 mm, height ≤ 100 mm
3220LPCH Long path cell holder, rectangular optical path 50 – 100 mm