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Florisil®, Superb Quality Macherey-Nagel Hard Granular Magnesia Silica Gel Adsorbent for Column Chromatography


Macherey-Nagel Florisil is a hard granular magnesia silica gel, often referred to as activated magnesium silicate or magnesia-silica gel. As a highly selective adsorbent, Florisil is frequently employed in many areas of preparative and analytical chromatography.

More specifically, such areas as:
  • General Column Chromatography
  • Extraction of steroids, sex hormones and related compounds
  • Separation of lipids (including monoglycerides, diglycerides, triglycerides, free fatty acids, free sterols and cholesterol esters)
  • Decolorization of fats, oils and waxes
  • Purification and isolation of alkaloid natural products by column chromatography
  • Separation of nitrogen-containing compounds from hydrocarbons
  • Cleanup of pesticide residues and purification of chlorine-containing pesticides
  • Separation of aromatic compounds from aliphatic-aromatic mixtures
  • Purification of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)
  • Isolation of antibiotics
  • Assay of vitamins

For the very highest quality, for reliable, consistent and repeatable results anywhere in the world, Macherey-Nagel is the source to depend on.

Features of Macherey-Nagel Florisil Adsorbents:
  • Extraordinarily high European manufactured quality
  • Standard 60/100 mesh
  • Hard granular magnesia silica gel, MgO 15.5 ± 0.5 %, ∙ SiO2 84.0 ± 0.5 %, ∙ Na2SO4 ≤ 1.0 %
  • Standard 60/100 mesh
  • Certificates of Analysis are available

NumberDescriptionPrice $
815710.1 Macherey-Nagel Florisil (particle size 0.15 / 0.25 mm, mesh 60 /100) 1 kg 331.33
815710.5 Macherey-Nagel Florisil (particle size 0.15 / 0.25 mm, mesh 60 /100) 5 kg 1,523.54
815710.VP Please contact us for price and availability of 25 kg and larger Volume Purchase quantities Inquire