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Cryostats, the Bright 2212 Starlet Bench Top Portable
Cryostats, the Bright OTF5000 Floor Standing Basic, LS and HS Models
Dewar Flasks, Stainless Steel Case or Economical Blue Steel, Regular or Low Profile
Freezers, the Bright CLINI-RF Rapid Specimen Model, with - 40°C and - 80°C Chambers
Hot Plate Stirrers and Stirrers, Analog and Digital, Ceramic Glass and Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel, Round and Square Tops
Microtomes, Bright 5040 Wax, with or without Fine Specimen Orientation, and Cyrostat
Microtomes, the Flat Cutting Radial Action Wax Sectioning Bright M3500
Multiposition Analog Stirrers, 10 and 16 Position
Overhead stirrers, the OS40-Pro LCD, OS20-Pro LCD, OS40-S LED and OS20-S LED
Pipette Fillers, Motorized Levo ME and Levo Plus
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Rotary Evaporators, the RE100-Pro LCD Digital
Tube Mixers, Digital Circular and Rotisserie Rotators
Tube Mixers, the MX-T6-S Analog Tube Roller and MX-T6-Pro Digital Tube Roller
Vortex Mixers, Eco MX-M, IKA MS 3 Digital and IKA MS 3 Basic Microplate and Tube Shakers
Vortex Mixers, Fixed Speed MX-F and MX-E, Variable Speed MX-S, FineVortex 4S and BenchMixer BV1000