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Multi-Channel Liquid Dispenser Filler for High Throughput Filling of COVID-19 Transport Tubes and other Tubes or Bottles


This automated modular filling station is the most versatile and economical system that could be coupled with a single peristaltic pump for inexpensive and simultaneous dispensing of 1, 2, 3 or 4 liquids into each vial,. With a multiple head valveless pump such as our Tower 11 equipped with 9 heads or our MDPS equipped with 14 heads, for either 9 or 14 liquids can be dispensed at the same time in each vile.

Features of the Multi-Channel Liquid Dispenser Filler:
  • High throughput filling of COVID-19 transport tubes
  • Single stream or silmultaneous up to 20 streams, modular design
  • Safe handling, can operate from battery
  • Very flexible control, easy to program
  • Remote control ( TTL/external signal/RS-232)
  • Use with tube racks, bottles, funnels, flasks, beakers

Fill volumes are only limited to the volumetric range of the particular pumps used, but the pumps offered by Rose Scientific have a most versatile range for all common volumes used for COVID-!9 reagents and other laboratory applications.

Common off-the-shelf tube racks for use with our filling stations include 30mm tube racks, 15mm tube racks and 250mL bottle racks. Racks for holding the 10/12 mL transport tubes are also available or could be sourced directly by the user. For customer specific racks, Rose Scientific would be happy to configure either the racks or the program to work with your racks.

Virtually unlimited number of aliquots with “N” number of support extensions according to the available laboratory bench space!

Multi-channel assembly is available from 2 to 20 simultaneous streams based on the project requirements. Remote control is also possible via TTL / External Signal / RS-232 port.

Here are some examples of configurations:

Specifications (Click here):  Multi-Channel Liquid Dispenser Filler for High Throughput Filling of COVID-19 Transport Tubes and other Tubes or Bottles

NumberDescriptionPrice $
6901-6913-3 Single-Channel Liquid Dispenser-Collector, without pump (purchase pump separately), supplied with 1 rack for 360 tubes of 12-13mm diameter, 1 rack for 240 tubes of 16mm diameter and 1 rack for 96 tubes of 30mm diameter
6901-4-4R Extended 4x times Single Channel Liquid Dispenser-Collector, without pump, automates filling or fractioning of 960 tubes of 15mm diameter, other extensions are also available on request
6901-6001.KIT Single-Channel Liquid Dispenser-Collector, with single MaxFlow Channel Pump included, and supplied with one rack for 6x15 tubes of 12mm Ø, one rack for 5x12 tubes of 16mm Ø and one rack for 4x10 tubes of 20mm Ø, tubing, interface and cable, capable of automated dispensing of 55 tubes with 3 mL liquid per minute, additional pumps could be added as required for multiple streams
6901-CUSTOM Liquid Dispenser-Collector Special Requested Configurations
6910-72X Liquid Dispenser-Collector Extended Capacity for 72 Bottles of 250 mL
6910-2X10 Liquid Dispenser-Collector Supplied as 2 x 10 Configuration for 20 simultaneous aliquots or fractions
6910-1X12 Liquid Dispenser-Collector Supplied as 12 Configuration (1x12) for 12 aliquots or fraction simultaneously.
6910-2S Liquid Dispenser-Collector Configuration for 2-Stream Aliquots or Fractions (pumps purchased separately)
6910-6S Liquid Dispenser-Collector Configuration for 6-Stream Aliquots or Fractions
6910-4S Liquid Dispenser-Collector Configuration for 4-Stream Aliquots or Fractions