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Microtomes, Bright 5040 Wax, with or without Fine Specimen Orientation, and Cyrostat


The Bright 5040 Microtome is of a rotary retracting, self-lubricating design and has a heavy cast alloy base and cutting arm. Robust design and construction brings extremely accurate and repeatable results. Suited for cutting hard specimens such as undecalcified bone and acrylic resins.

Three versions are available, for wax sections with fine adjustment specimen orientation, for wax sections without specimen orientation, and a cryostat version.
Features of the Bright 5040 Microtomes:
  • Easy to use rotary retracting microtome with a wide range of options
  • A choice of advance/rewind handle positions
  • Motor drive with zone control is available
  • Standard knife holder accepts most conventional knives and the Lever Release Feather Blade Holder or the Quick Release Feather Blade Holder can be fitted
  • Standard vice clamp or quick release cassette holder
  • Specimen feed indicator
  • Debris tray with holder for brushes and forceps
  • Safety features and debris shields

Specifications (Click here):  Microtomes, Bright 5040 Wax, with or without Fine Specimen Orientation, and Cyrostat

NumberDescriptionPrice $
5040-01 Bright 5040 Rotary Microtome, with fine adjustment specimen orientation
5040-02 Bright 5040 Rotary Microtome, without specimen orientation Inquire
5040-CV Bright 5040 Rotary Microtome, for cryostats Inquire
5040-XX-215 Knife carriage feed screw mechanism Inquire
5040-XX-217 Micro-adjustable knife angle mechanism Inquire
5040-XX-318 Quick release holder Inquire
5040-XX-226MR Robotic motor drive for 110/115V AC, 50/60Hz Inquire
5040-XX-226MR(S) Robotic motor drive for 110/115V AC, 50/60Hz, for very hard speciments Inquire
5040-XX-C Electronic section counter Inquire
5040-XX/C(M) Mechanical section counter Inquire
5040-XX-V Foot switch for motor drive Inquire
5040-XX-Ma-r Motorized advance rewind Inquire
5040-XX-LHS Advance/rewind handle on left hand side front Inquire
5040-XX-FTA Fine trim adjuster control Inquire
5040-XX-LC Cryostat type handwheel lock (not available with motor drive) Inquire
53430 Quick Release Feather Blade Holder Inquire
53613 Supercassette quick release holder Inquire
57903 Lever release Feather disposable blade holder, fits into standard knife block holder, enables a low profile disposable blade to be easily and safely changed without removing the blade holder from the knife block, supplied with 10 disposable blades 1,944.65
50241 Feather disposable blades, pack of 50 509.10
138404-16 Spare fuses 1 amp(T) 5.75
52658 Vertical vice clamp 455.05
52632 Vertical vice clamp 45° 441.65
57713 Bright Cryospray 134, 340g (300 mL) cans, aerosol freezing agent, 80 – 100% Tetrafluoroethane, 155 mm nozzle delivers jet at - 52°C, pkg/12 (not available because of shipping issues, inquire about alternatives)
57355 Low temperature grease, 5g bottle 123.35
57344 Knife cleaning brush 258.75