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Electronic Pipettor, the HandyStep® Electronic Repeater for Serial Dispensing


The Ratiolab HandyStep® Electronic Pipettor for Serial Dispensing is a hand held dispenser with microprocessor controlled precision. While most dispenser tips will fit the HandyStep, if it is used with available PD-Tips with Typ-Code, the tip volume will automatically register.

Digital display of volume, number of steps, operation speed, mode and battery level. The volume is adjustable from 1 µL to 50 mL. Three operation speeds can be selected to accommodate various viscosities and densities of liquids. There are three operating modes, single volume pipetting, repeat dispensing, and Autodispense, in which the HandyStep monitors a user's timing and dispenses with the same rhythm as long as the dispense button is pushed. The battery can be charged within the instrument or separately.

A remarkable motorized serial dispenser that is comfortable for use with either hand, reduces strain, error and the amount of repetitive action on the part of the operator. Easy programming by an intuitive guided menu.
Features of the HandyStep Electronic Pipettor:
  • Automatic tip size registration when using PD-Tips with type code
  • Fits almost any dispenser tips
  • Digital display for volume, number of steps, operation speed, mode and battery charging level
  • Three operation modes: single volume, repeat dispensing and Autodispensing
  • In Audodispensing mode establishes timing based on user's first three manual operations and continues as long as dispense button is pushed
  • Three operation speeds for liquids with different viscosity and density, aspirating and dispensing speeds independently adjustable
  • Adjustable volume from 1 µL to 50 mL
  • Individually certified, with serial number
Specifications (Click here):  Electronic Pipettor, the HandyStep® Electronic Repeater for Serial Dispensing

NumberDescriptionPrice $
4750002 HandyStep® Electronic Repeater Pipettor for serial dispensing, supplied with one NiMH battery and charger including dispenser stand and power supply 1,234.00
4750004 Replacement Charger Stand without power supply 189.90
4750003 Power Supply 89.90
4750005 NiMH Battery, charges either inside or outside pipettor; purchase second battery pack for nearly continuous pipetting 56.00