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COD Detectors, the CD200 Reader for Chemical Oxygen on Demand Water Analysis


The CD200 Detector is used for the analysis of water Chemical Oxygen on Demand (COD). The unit is supplied with a built-in standard curve for HACH, CHEMetrics, or Lovibond reagents, but also features a simple method to set-up standard curves for other brands of reagents.

The CD200 has a broad measurement range, fast detection and a convenient built-in memory. Applications for the CD200 are wide ranging and include such tasks as waste water monitoring in factories, water quality tests in lakes, ponds and rivers, testing of water runoff.

Features of the CD200 COD Detector:
  • Wide measurement range – can be used from 10-150, 100-1500 and 1000-15000 mg/L ranges
  • Fast detection – needs no pre-heating and only takes 3 seconds to display and save the COD concentration after inserting heated vial into the detector
  • Built-in memory can store up to 100 records for convenient access
  • Multi-curve feature allows use with a variety of reagent brands

Specifications (Click here):  COD Detectors, the CD200 Reader for Chemical Oxygen on Demand Water Analysis

NumberDescriptionPrice $
198200-01 CD200 COD Detector, supplied with 100-240 V, power adapter, NA plug