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Freezers, the Bright CLINI-RF Rapid Specimen Model, with - 40°C and - 80°C Chambers


The Bright Clini-RF Rapid Freezer is a small, free standing, top opening, ultra low temperature freezer. Its function is to rapidly freeze tissue specimens ready for cryotomy or for storage. Inside the Clini-RF are two cylindrical chambers, the upper chamber is held at -40°C and the lower at -80°C.

The lower chamber can be filled with a liquid medium such as 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluid HFE-7100, which has an excellent environmental, health and safety profile, for immersing specimens. Alternatively, an aluminum block can be incorporated into which a specimen holder or chuck can be fitted. If a fixed block is incorporated in the lower chamber and the rapid freezer evaporator coil is taken into the block, an even faster rate of cooling is obtained. Liquid coolant cannot be used with this option.

The upper chamber is used as a short term storage area for specimens after they have been initially frozen in the lower chamber.

A seven day timer can be fitted to the Clini-RF and is available as an accessory. During the hours when the Clini-RF is not being used power can be saved by keeping both the upper and lower chambers running at -40°C. At the start of the working day it can be switched to its normal operating mode and the lower chamber can be brought down to -80°C.

Features of the Bright CLINI-RF Rapid Specimen Freezers:
  • Replaces carbon dioxide freezing systems of all types
  • Replaces liquid nitrogen freezing systems
  • Offers a distinct improvement in laboratory safety
  • Easy to use, therefore little operator training
  • Upper chamber for storage at -40°C
  • Lower chamber for snap-freezing of samples at -80°C
  • Typical tissue cooling rate of 0.5°C/s
  • Supplied with Cryo-M-Bed embedding compound, aluminum block/heat-sink, cooling block removal tool, 3 object holders, Allen key and spare set of fuses

Specifications (Click here):  Freezers, the Bright CLINI-RF Rapid Specimen Model, with - 40°C and - 80°C Chambers

NumberDescriptionPrice $
3000-002 Clini-RF Rapid Freezer with removable block, 110V/60Hz Inquire
3000-002/T Clini-RF Rapid Freezer with Seven Day Timer, factory fitted, 110V/60Hz Inquire
3000-005 Clini-RF rapid freezer seven day timer Inquire
57807 Stainless steel beaker
57807-1 Stainless steel strainer Inquire
53581 Bright Cryo-m-Bed, 113 mL bottle, blend of polyviol alcohol 217, thymol and water, for imbedding many different types of tissue over 18ºC to –20ºC and wider temperature range, pkg/6
53320 Aluminum heat sink block Inquire
53396 Aluminum block removal tool Inquire
53344 Pair of spacer brackets Inquire
57155 M5 Allen key Inquire
53564 Spare fuse set for 100/115V Inquire