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Vacuum Pumps, Dry Diaphragm High Flow Chemical Duty


These Chemical Duty Dry High Flow Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps have high vapor flow for larger scale laboratory vacuum applications. These can include large vacuum ovens, floor model rotary evaporators, or multiple station filtration applications. A choice of five models is offered,

Each of these oil free diaphragm pumps provide high flow with low maintenance and the ability to handle harsh chemical applications. All internal parts that come in contact with gases and vapors are composed of chemically resistant flurorplastics. The pumps also have superior vapor tolerance and have a gas ballast valve for handling heavy vapor loads, inhibiting condensation.

A clean alternative to rotary vane pumps in many applications.

Features of the Chemical Duty Vacuum Pumps:
  • Oil free technology means low maintenance, with no oil changes or disposal
  • All internal parts in contact with gases are made of chemically resistant fluroplastics
  • High flow and deep vacuum
  • Built for high flow and long continuous duty
  • Low noise level
  • Handle corrosive gases and vapors

Specifications (Click here):  Vacuum Pumps, Dry Diaphragm High Flow Chemical Duty

NumberDescriptionPrice $
2052B-01 ChemDuty Dry Diaphragm Model 2052 Vacuum Pump, 1.5 torr, 65 L/min, 115V, 60Hz
2054B-01 ChemDuty Dry Diaphragm Model 2054 Vacuum Pump, 6 torr, 100 L/min, 115V, 60Hz
2062B-01 ChemDuty Dry Diaphragm Model 2062 Vacuum Pump, 1.5 torr, 119 L/min, 115V, 60Hz
2064B-01 ChemDuty Dry Diaphragm Model 2064 Vacuum Pump, 6 torr, 173 L/minm 115V, 60Hz
2067B-01 ChemDuty Dry Diaphragm Model 2067 Vacuum Pump, 56 torr, 221 L/min, 115V, 60Hz
402042-US Complete diaphragm, valve and o-ring replacement kit for ChemDuty Models 2052B-01 and 2054B-01 721.62
402043-US Complete diaphragm, valve and o-ring replacement kit for ChemDuty Models 2062B-01, 2064-01 and 2067B-01 1,443.42