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Pumps, Flash Chromatography and Metering, the High Flow Mini Flash 100


The Mini Flash 100 pump is a single piston positive displacement pump based on the Mighty-Mini pump. The Mini Flash 100 delivers flow rates up to 100 mL/min, with pressures ranging from 150 - 250 psi.

The unit includes an attachable post for rack mounting on a standard laboratory stand. The pump is designed for Flash Chromatography applications and a wide variety of dosing and chemical injection needs.

Standard features include digital keypad control that is used to for Set Flow Rate, Run/Stop, and Alarms. There is a Run/Stop connector for interface with a Fraction Collector and an RS-232 port for PC control. A remote system gradient control unit is also available.

Maintenance is easy, as check valves, seals, piston and electronics are readily accessible, and replaceable within minutes.

Mini Flash 100
Features of the Mini Flash 100:
  • Constant flow performance with varying back pressure
  • No loss of prime with light solvents
  • Single head design
  • Ceramic piston
  • Ruby ball/ Sapphire seat check valves
  • Fluid path isolated from electrical components
  • Stainless steel fluid path
  • Wash collector behind pump head for running buffers
  • Rear connector for interface with Fraction Collector

Specifications (Click here):  Pumps, Flash Chromatography and Metering, the High Flow Mini Flash 100

NumberDescriptionPrice $
170182 Mini Flash 100 high flow flash chromatography pump, with post for rack mount, run-stop cable, inlet tubing with filter and washable pump head for running buffers Inquire
WID2K2021101 SCU 460 System Gradient Control Unit Inquire