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Orbital Shakers SH30 and SH30t, Economical Medium Speed


The SH30 and SH30t shaker models are strong orbital shakers with medium speed action at economical prices. The SH30 shaker is analog and the SH30t shaker has digital display. Each unit has a timer for timed operation or the shakers could be set for continuous run.

Features of the SH30 and SH30t Orbital Shakers:
  • Variable speed from 10 to 300 rpm
  • Timer for up to 180 minutes or continuous run
  • Maximum load of 8 kg
  • Medium size platform, 30 cm x 30 cm, supplied with rubber mat
  • Platform also comes with elastic hold-down cords
  • Analog (SH30) or digital (SH30t) display model to suit any budget
  • Dual platform is also available as an option
Specifications (Click here):  Orbital Shakers SH30 and SH30t, Economical Medium Speed

NumberDescriptionPrice $
SH30 Orbital Shaker SH30 with Platform, Analog Display 1,292.20
SH30t Orbital Shaker SH30t with Platform, Digital Display 1,614.60
TY300 Optional second Platform and legs
DP-300 Dimple Pad stops tubes from rolling around
UP400 Optional Upper Platform and mounting screws, 40 x 40 cm (attaches to standard Platform, not dual use)
UP500 Optional Large Upper Platform and mounting screws, 50 x 50 cm (attaches to standard Platform, not dual use)
FR250-9 Universal Platform with 9 × 250 mL Flask Clamps