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Rockers, Low Profile BenchBlotter Fixed Speed 2D Platform Rocker


The BenchBlotter is an economical workhorse rocker designed for common molecular lab applications. The rocking speed and tilt angle are specifically optimized for blot washing, gel staining, gel destaining and hybridization. There are no complicated controls, no settings or adjustments to be made; just press the power switch and start rocking.

An optional dimpled mat for centrifuge tubes, optional stacking platforms and plenty of platform tie-down points make for a very versatile rocker. The load capacity is a large 7 lbs.

BR1000 BenchBlotter,
with Included Standard Platform
BR1000 BenchBlotter,
with Optional Stacking Platform

Features of the BenchBlotter Fixed Speed 2C Platform:
  • Very easy and simple operation
  • Ideal for routine blotting, staining and destaining tasks
  • Safe for incubator or cold room use
  • Has an optional stacking platform for even more work space while maintaining a compact footprint

Specifications (Click here):  Rockers, Low Profile BenchBlotter Fixed Speed 2D Platform Rocker

NumberDescriptionPrice $
BR1000 BenchBlotter BR1000 2D Platform Rocker, supplied with non-slip flat mat
BR1000-STACK BR1000 Stacking Platform with non-slip flat mat, 30cm x 30cm
BR1000-STACK-D BR1000 Stacking Platform with dimpled mat, 30cm x 30cm
BR-1000-FLAT Flat mat, large, 30 cm x 30 cm (standard BR1000 platform size)
BR1000-DIMPLED Dimpled mat, for centrifuge tubes, 30cm x 30cm
B0718 Bungee cord, used for securing vessels, pkg/4 43.20