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Pipette Controller, Socorex Profiller Electro 446 Electronic


The Socorex Profiller™ Electro 446 Electronic Pipette Controller fits comfortably in a hand and is activated with minimal effort. Its shape is ideal for working with glass or plastic pipettes within laminar flow or microbiological safety cabinets.

A powerful, yet quiet motor and a switch to set both aspiration and dispensing speed enable maximum working efficiency, even with large pipetting volumes. The switch enables selection of fast or slow aspiration and dispensing (with blow-out).

The Profiller Electronic Pipette Controller offers fast speed filling, up to 25 mL in less than 3 seconds, and a gravity dispense mode designed for use with “To Deliver” (TD) pipettes.

Features and Benefits of the Profiller 446:
  • Powerful pump - fills 25 mL in 3 seconds
  • Simple, fast operation
  • Comfortable finger triggers
  • Low battery light indicator
  • NiMH battery rechargeable during use
  • Interchangeable hydrophobic PTFE protection membrane filter
  • Stand suitable for bench or wall mounting
  • Variable speed switch enables selection of fast or slow aspiration and dispensing
NumberDescriptionPrice $
446.100U Socorex Profiller Electro 446 electronic pipette controller, supplied with power supply, two spare hydophobic filters (0.45 µm and 0.2 µm), bench/wall stand and instruction manual 628.19
320.446 Spare Stand for Proflller Electro 446, bench or wall
900.916 Spare 1.2V NiMH battery, 52.61
900.946U Power supply, North American style plug 144.73
322.435 Spare hydrophobic PTFE membrane filter, 0.45 µm, pkg/5
322.400 Spare silicone pipette holder, conical shape of holder tightly fits graduated glass or plastic pipettes, autoclavable.
1.435.02 Replacement nose cone, white, pkg/5 50.14
1.435.03 Alternative nose cones for individual, laboratory or department identification, one each of pink, violet and green, pkg/3