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Peristaltic Pumps, ISCO Tris 3-Channel and Jenway Programmable Sipper Single Head


The ISCO Tris is a precision 3-channel pump ideal for packing and eluting columns as well as dozens of other jobs around the lab. With three channels, the user can form linear gradients, run three columns at once, or combine flows for controlled flow rates to 1500 mL/hour. Six rollers per channel provide smooth, low pulsation flow.

The Tris' two ranges, fine dial divisions and precision speed control provide reproducible flow rate settings. Slide switches select direction control and 1X or 10X speed ranges; any percentage of the range can be set with a 0-100 dial.

The Jenway programmable single channel peristaltic sipper pump can be adjusted by the operator to inject a repeatable volume of sample or standard into the chamber of a flow-through cuvette. Other options are to add an air gap to separate samples, pump sample continuously for monitoring a bulk or flowing sample, move sample to waste container or return to original vessel, or create a wash cycle.

Features of the IPSCO Tris:
  • Six rollers per channel provide smooth low pulsation flow
  • Three channels and MAX mode can be combined to yield controlled flow rates to 1500 mL/hour
  • Two speed ranges, 1X and 10X, each can be controlled with 0 -100 % dial
  • Motor feedback is used to suppress drive speed variations caused by varying load, line voltage or temperature
  • Geared counter rotation rollers to reduce pulsation, tubing creep and tubing wear
Features of the Jenway Programmable Sipper:
  • Can be adjusted to injected repeatable volumes of sample
  • Can add air gap to separate samples, or pump continuously
  • Wash cycle

Specifications (Click here):  Peristaltic Pumps, ISCO Tris 3-Channel and Jenway Programmable Sipper Single Head

NumberDescriptionPrice $
68-1613-293 Tris Three Channel Peristaltic Pump, 6 rollers per channel, 30 psi maximum per channel, 0 – 40 °C operating temperature, flow rate 0.5 – 150 mL/hr, 0.5 – 500 mL/hr, 210 mL/hr and 700 mL/hr per channel, depending on tubing size and whether in controlled mode or maximum mode
632 031 Programmable peristaltic sipper pump, 110V, supplied with inlet and outlet tubing, sample volumes 75 µL to 9.5 mL