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Electrophoresis, Blotting and Chromatography Papers


Three popular selections are presented here from the variety of extraordinarily high quality electrophoresis, blotting and chromatography papers available from Rose Scientific.

Uniform, smooth and white, these blotting paper sheets are of a high purity, high quality and high value standard. They are used in nucleic acid research such as Southern, Northern and Western blots, electro-blotting and electrophoresis.

The sheets are made from high purity and 100% US FDA compliant alpha cotton cellulose, using ultra-pure RO (reverse osmosis) water and contain no additives that could cause increased backgrounds or other interference in detection systems.

The papers are offered in a variety of thicknesses and flow rates: 601 is thin, with a medium flow rate (referenced to 1 CHR), 238 is of medium thickness and is our most widely used blotting paper (referenced to 3 MM CHR) and 320 is one of the thickest on the market with an extremely high flow.

601 Thin paper (1 CHR), with a medium flow rate, is the world standard in paper chromatography. The smooth, uniform white surface provides good resolution. It is also used as a gel drying support and as a spacer in capillary and electroblotting sandwiches.

238 Medium Thick
238 Medium Thick paper (3MM CHR) is recommended for general chromatography applications. It is also ideal for use as wicks in protein or nucleic acid blotting to provide a uniform flow of buffer through the gel to the transfer membrane in a blotting sandwich. This paper is our most widely used blotting paper. The 238 paper is also suited for electrophoresis and the separation of inorganic compounds and for use in removing gels from glass supports.

320 Super Thick paper, with extremely high flow rate. It is recommended both for electrophoresis of large molecules and as a blotter to complete the blotting sandwich in gel transfer applications. The 320 paper provides a smooth and uniform texture assuring continuous contact of buffer from the chamber through the gel and transfer membrane to the opposite pole or weight.

Electrophoresis, Blotting and Chromatography Papers
Paper Features:
  • Robust construction designed to out-perform and outlast any competitor’s units.
  • Controlled Absorption
  • Uniform absorption
  • Consistency across the sheet
  • Lot to lot consistency
  • High purity, no sizing or fillers
  • Excellent wet strength and handling
  • No hard spots or density variations
  • No airborne fibers

Other grades and thicknesses are available to complete sandwiches.
Electroblotting sandwich

Capillary blotting sandwich

Specifications (Click here):  Electrophoresis, Blotting and Chromatography Papers

NumberDescriptionPrice $
6018-1114 Grade 601, 1CHR Paper, 11cm × 14cm, 0.18mm Thick. Box/100 Inquire
6018-1417 Grade 601, 1CHR Paper, 14cm × 17cm, 0.18mm Thick. Box/100 Inquire
6018-4657 Grade 601, 1CHR Paper, 46cm × 57cm, 0.18mm Thick. Box/100 162.85
6018-xxyy Grade 601, 1CHR Paper, xxcm × yycm, 0.18mm Thick. Box/100 Inquire
6zzz -xxyy Grade 642 (0.21mm thick) or Grade 631(0.23 mm thick) in various sizes Inquire
2388-1114 Grade 238, 3MM Blotting Paper, 11cm × 14cm × 0.35mm Thick. Box/100 46.25
2388-1417 Grade 238, 3MM Blotting Paper, 14cm × 17cm × 0.35mm Thick. Box/100 46.25
2381-1417 Grade 238, 3MM Blotting Paper, 14” × 17”, 0.35mm Thick. Box/100 142.87
2388-4657 Grade 238, 3MM CHR Paper, 46cm × 57cm × 0.35mm Thick. Box/100 340.00
2388-xxyy Grade 238, 3MM CHR Paper, xxcm × yycm, 0.35mm Thick. Box/100 Inquire
2zzz -xxyy Grade 237 (0.42mm thick), Grade 222 (0.83mm thick), Grade 243 (0.93mm thick) in various sizes Inquire
3208-1114 Grade 320 Paper, 11cm × 14cm, 2.45mm Thick. Box/50 46.25
3208-1416 Grade 320 Paper, 14cm × 16cm, 2.45mm Thick. Box/50 55.00
3208-1417 Grade 320 Paper, 14cm × 17cm, 2.45mm Thick. Box/50 55.00
3208-4657 Grade 320 Paper, 46cm × 57cm, 2.45mm Thick. Box/50 383.95