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Filtration Membranes, Polycarbonate Track Etched (PCTE) Hydrophillic Black Membranes for Epifluorescence


GVS manufactures these Polycarbonate Track Etched (PCTE) Hydrophillic Black Membranes under Class 100K conditions through a two-step proprietary manufacturing process. The unique process allows for increased control over pore size and density to insure the physical properties of each membrane to precisely fit an application.

The PCTE Hydrophillic Black Membranes are thin, translucent and microporous polycarbonate films with a smooth and flat surface for even distribution and ease of identifying particles with a microscope. Unlike ordinary filter membranes the thin PCTE membranes do not trap particles in tortuous pore pathways. The black dye makes the membrane suitable for use in staining applications. The filters are gray in color but look black under reflected light, the ideal background for fluorescence microscopy.

The PCTE Membrane is hydrophilic due to PVP (polyvinylpyrillidone) treatment. Ask Rose Scientific about PVP-free hydrophobic PCTE membranes also available, as are a wide range of pore sizes.

Membranes are available in sheets and rolls as well as disks of other diameters.

  • Smooth, thin and glass-like flat surface
  • Microorganisms are retained on one plane allowing for easy microscope access
  • Very precise pore size
  • Autoclavable
  • Biologically inert
  • Thermally stable, chemical resistant and superior strength that maintains pore size and density
  • Lack of staining, negligible autofluorescence and non-specific absorption insures low backgrounds
  • Ideal for epifluorescence microscopy

Specifications (Click here):  Filtration Membranes, Polycarbonate Track Etched (PCTE) Hydrophillic Black Membranes for Epifluorescence

NumberDescriptionPrice $
1215315 PTCE Black Membrane, for epifluorescence , 0.1µm pore, 25mm Ø, pkg/100
1215609 PTCE Black Membrane, for epifluorescence , 0.2µm pore, 25mm Ø, pkg/100145.65
1212790 PTCE Black Membrane, for epifluorescence, 0.4µm pore, 25mm Ø, pkg/100140.05