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Chromatography Pumps – Series 12x6 for HPLC


The Series 12x6 HPLC Pumps have been designed to meet the requirements of most analytical chromatography to small scale preparative chromatography applications with very high performance.

The Series 12x6 is a dual piston chromatography pump with overlapping cams and pulse damper that provides virtually pulse free flow. The HPLC pump also offers a wide flow rate range of 0.001 to 12.00 mL/min at 6000 psi with stainless steel head or 5000 psi with PEEK head. The flow rate is ideal for columns with ID from 2 mm to 22 mm

See also our Flash 100 Isocratic and Flash 300 High Flow pumps for Binary Flash or Preparative Chromatography.

Series 12x6 HPLC Pump
Features of the 12x6 Chromatography Pumps:
  • Dual self-flushing pump heads with overlapping cams for reduced pulsation
  • Integrated pulse damper and pressure monitoring
  • Ceramic pistons and high performance HPLC grade seals
  • Ruby ball/sapphire seat check valve
  • Repeatable flow and no loss of prime with hexane, DCM and other light solvents
  • Combination Prime-Purge Valve / T outlet
  • Additional check valve to prevent backflow during priming
  • Fluid path totally insulated from electrical components
  • Interactive digital keypads, RS-232 control and monitoring
  • EZChrom driver available
Specifications (Click here):  Chromatography Pumps – Series 12x6 for HPLC

NumberDescriptionPrice $
D05SFD01 Series 12x6 Dual Piston Chromatography Pump, Stainless Steel Fluid Path 7,545.70
D05PFD01 Series 12x6 Dual Piston Chromatography Pump, PEEK Fluid Path 7,545.70
D05SFD02 Series 12x6 Dual Piston Chromatography Pump, Stainless Steel Fluid Path (Organic) Inquire