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Orbital Shakers, Flexible Sky Line Series S-3.02M


The Sky Line generation of orbital shakers is an amazingly flexible, reliable, and high performance line of universal laboratory equipment. Great selection of accessories and attachments makes it easy to adapt the shakers to a variety of medical, chemical, biological and other laboratory applications. User friendly, continuous, maintenance free operation.

Features of the S-3.02M Orbital Shakers:
  • Optimal platform rotation amplitude for intensive mixing
  • Advanced stepper motor control system
  • High precision digital rotation speed controller
  • Wide selection of accessories and attachments


Universal Roller Clips
An effective universal solution for fixing different flat-bottom laboratory flasks and other extra high and unstable laboratory flasks.

Universal Roller Clips
Laboratory Flasks Fixation Adapter
Useful for processing large volumes of laboratory samples at a time.

Laboratory Flasks Fixation Adapter
Universal Magnetic Clips
Excellent universal solution for easy and fast fixation of any kind of flat bottom laboratory flasks and bottles. Can be used in a combination with roller clips

Universal Magnetic Clips
Microplate Adapter
Insures maximum convenience and efficiency working with different kinds of microplates. Depending on the size of a platform accommodates up to either 4 or 8 microplates.

Microplate Adapter

Specifications (Click here):  Orbital Shakers, Flexible Sky Line Series S-3.02M

NumberDescriptionPrice $
S-3.02M.10M Orbital Shaker, with 355 × 235 mm M platform, 10mm amplitude 993.75
S-3.02M.20M Orbital Shaker, with 355 × 235 mm M platform, 20mm amplitude993.75
S-3.02M.10L Orbital Shaker, with 418 × 297 mm L platform, 10mm amplitude1,106.25
S-3.02M.20L Orbital Shaker, with 418 × 297 mm L platform, 20mm amplitude1,106.25
DS2001 Magnetic Clip28.00
DS0004 Exchangeable Small 03.M Platform136.00
DS0005 Exchangeable Large 03.L Platform196.00
DS0006 Medium Microplate Adapter (4 microplates)52.00
DS0007 Large Microplate Adapter (8 microplates)64.00
DS0008 Medium Universal Roller Clips116.00
DS0009 Large Universal Roller Clips136.00
DS0010 Laboratory Flasks Fixation Adapter, Large60.00
DS0011 Clip for 1L Flask28.40
DS0012 Clip for 0.5L Flask25.60
DS0013 Clip for 0.3-0.25L Flasks24.00
DS0014 Holders RM-2 13mm2.40
DS0015 Holders RM-2 16mm2.80
DS0016 Holders RM-2 30mm3.60