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Shaking Water Baths, Orbital (Circular) and Reciprocating (Back and Forth), with Microprocessor Control


These Shaking Water Baths are available in either orbital (circular movement) or reciprocal (back and forth movement) form to suit the precise needs of a laboratory project. The baths are microprocessor controlled and are affordable, quiet, flexible, accurate and reliable.

The heater elements are located outside the baths, providing for a clean interior and safer use. The water level indicator is engraved for easy viewing and the intelligent thermostat system offers a heat cut-off and sounds an alarm to promote safety by helping to prevent dry-running.

Features of the Shaking Water Baths:
  • Available with orbital or reciprocating action
  • Temperature range Ambient +5 °C to 80 °C
  • Temperature accuracy ± 0.3 °C at 37 °C
  • Programmable digital timer up to 47:59 hours or continuous
  • Artificial intelligence system maintains precise thermostatic conditions
  • Heating elements are located under the bath; not inside the chamber
  • LED display shows temperature, time, speed and power state
  • Brushless DC motor provides low noise during operation

Specifications (Click here):  Shaking Water Baths, Orbital (Circular) and Reciprocating (Back and Forth), with Microprocessor Control

NumberDescriptionPrice $
NB303 Orbital Shaking Water Bath, 10 L, 115 V, 60Hz
NB304 Reciprocating Shaking Water Bath, 10L, 115 V, 60Hz
3034BC12 Bath Cover, Dome Shape