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Heating Bath Circulators – Standard (Non-programmable) CW3 Series


These commonly used CW3 Series circulating baths are ideal for external temperature control of jacketed reactors, rotary evaporators or other such common temperature control tasks. The bath opening also allows for experiments to be carried out directly in the bath. Four models cover the range for standard applications offering temperature control from Ambient +5 to +150ºC and bath capacity of 5, 10, 20 and 30 liters.

The CW3 standard heating circulators are economic general models, with microprocessor control but without intelligent programming features.

Test tube and spring wire racks are available.

Features of the CW3 Series Heating Bath Circulators:
  • Built-in powerful circulating pump
  • Bright display with quick adjustable dial knob
  • Dual wait on/off timer modes (1 min to 99 hrs, 59 mins)
  • Suitable for internal and external circulation
  • 28 Liter per minute pumping capacity
  • Maximum pressure of 5.9 psi
  • Comfortable front access drain
  • Side handles for easy and convenient carrying
  • Warnings for low fluid levels and dry running, over temperature and over current

Specifications (Click here):  Heating Bath Circulators – Standard (Non-programmable) CW3 Series

NumberDescriptionPrice $
52342U CW3-05 Heating Circulator, 5 L Capacity, Ambient +5 to 150°C, 120V
52352U CW3-10 Heating Circulator, 10 L Capacity, Ambient +5 to 150°C, 120V
52362U CW3-20 Heating Circulator, 20 L Capacity, Ambient +5 to 150°C, 120V
52372U CW3-30 Heating Circulator, 30 L Capacity, Ambient +5 to 150°C, 120V